Being able to make your own rich, nourishing body butter is one of the nicest things to make.  Especially if you package it prettily, your body butter can feel like a treat for yourself, or a lovely gift for someone else (hello Mother’s Day).

orange DIY body butter

Our recipe is designed to be far more than pretty though.  As you would expect from Acala, it’s plastic free and earth kind, but also beautifully body kind.

Rich with nourishing shea butter, it’s fantastic for cracked heels and dry areas.  Apricot oil supports skin health and wellbeing, and the blend of essential oils lifts mood and increases your sense of self care. 

It’s a true ‘treat in a jar’.

The Recipe:

*makes 120ml of cream

Prep time: 5 minutes

Make time: 15 minutes

The Method:

  1.       Bring a pan of hot water to the boil
  2.       Chop the shea butter into small chunks and add to a glass bowl with the apricot oil and candelilla wax. 
  3.       Suspend the bowl (make sure it’s not touching) over the water and whisk as it melts, until the mix is creamy.
  4.       Remove from the heat, add the essential oils and whisk at high speed for 3 – 5 minutes until the mixture is light and fluffy.
  5.       Spoon into the glass jar, let cool completely then lid and your body butter is good to use!

You can find the ingredients for your body butter here

Failing that, you can also buy the full body butter kit as a gift set here

Got more ideas for recipes that you’d like us to share? Get in touch with us today and we’ll do our best to get them together for you!

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