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  • Red Mandarin Kids Toothpaste from Georganics

    This natural toothpaste is blended with red mandarin peel essential oil, steam distilled and certified organic. With its sweet, warm and faintly floral orange blossom scent this toothpaste is safe to...
  • Children's Bamboo Toothbrush from Hydrophil

    This sustainably sourced bamboo kids' toothbrush has a 100% bamboo handle, and soft biodegradable bristles made from castor oil. Suitable from 3+, and for both milk and adult teeth. Kids...
  • Vegan Mama and Baby Soap

    This beautiful mama and baby soap from Wild Sage Co is made with chamomile, and calendula infused extra virgin olive oil along with lots of lovely organic carrot pulp. The...
  • Coconut Oil Plasters for Kids from PATCH

    Patch coconut oil plasters are engineered for the future eco warriors of our planet, our kids. This is a plastic free and zero waste product. This range is made from 100% organic...
  • Zipped Wet Bag from LittleLamb

    This zipped wet bag from LittleLamb comes in two fun patterns, floral and Island, and is perfect for safely storing wet nappies on the go. Picture one shows the Island...
  • Reusable Paper Towel from Bambaw

    This bamboo paper roll contains 20 washable and reusable sheets of bamboo fibres. Bamboo fibres are thick, absorbent and quick to dry. Their softness and antibacterial properties make them good for the...
  • Reusable Cloth Wipes for Baby from La Pepa Boutique

    If you are trying to go low waste with your child, this set of 8 reusable cloth wipes will help you on your journey. They are not only better for the environment,...
  • Natural Shower Puff

    If you're looking for an invigorating morning scrub then you'll love this puff! Unlike its traditional nylon counterparts, this natural scrubber is made from an ancient fibre call ramie. Immensely...
  • Hand and Nail Brush

    This great little nail brush perfectly compliments our soap bars for those days when you've got extra grubby. The soft boar bristles on the underside of the brush are perfect...
  • Olive Oil Soap from Wild Sage + Co

    This is minimalism at its best. Pain, simple, and pure Olive oil soap.Deeply moisturising, this soap is hypo-allergenic, and with no added essential oils it's great for use on sensitive...
  • Teether Toy from Natursutten

    This starfish teether is made from 100% pure, sustainably sourced and natural rubber  When your little ones teeth first start to show, the gums often become tender. To reduce discomfort...
  • Round Rubber Soother/Pacifier- Various Sizes

    The Natursutten Original soother/pacifier forms a large round shield that gently touches baby’s nose to simulate breastfeeding in a natural way, as well as comfort your little one.  The 100% natural...
  • Natural Rubber Butterfly Soother/Pacifier- Various Sizes

    The Natursutten Butterfly soother/pacifier has a cut-out on the top which gives the shield a butterfly shape and makes more room for baby’s nose. The 100% natural and pure rubber of...
  • Bamboo Cotton Buds by Hydrophil

    Cotton buds made from bamboo and soft cotton, making then 100% biodegradable. Hurrah! No more plastic sticks floating in the seas or washed up on the beaches. Specifics: 100 swabs...
  • Bamboo Toothbrush Case from Hydrophil

    This sustainably produced bamboo toothbrush case is perfect for keeping your toothbrush clean on your travels. Clever vent holes have been added to allow the toothbrush to dry and prevent...
  • Quick View Organic Cotton Nappy from Littlelamb - Acala
    Sold Out

    Organic Cotton Nappy from Littlelamb

    LittleLamb organic cotton nappies were introduced due to demand from parents and are manufactured from certified GOTS organic yarn. These brilliantly absorbent nappies are perfect for parents looking for natural...
  • Quick View Bamboo Nappy from Littlelamb - Acala
    Sold Out

    Bamboo Nappy from Littlelamb

    When it comes to a super absorbent nappy, eco-friendly nappy option this is it. Match it with a Littlelamb wrap for a bulletproof nappy that will hold everything your baby can...
  • Bamboo Nippa Nappy from LittleLamb - No Velcro Option

    Due to huge demand LittleLamb have bought out a velcro free option for their nappies. The Nippa Nappy is used with their nappy fasteners and have the same quality components as...
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