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Cedarwood Purifier Soap from All Natural Soap Co

This soap has a scent that is sexy and fresh thanks to the rich, smokiness in the base note. The lather is creamy, and the bar very long lasting. If you're looking for a soap that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is cleansing, then this bars elegant shade of grey is ideal for adding a touch of style to any...

Vegan Massage Brush with Tampico Fibre

The ultimate self-care product, this vegan massage brush made with tampico fibres is THE go to option for those aspiring to a plastic-free lifestyle.  The bristles are made from tampico fibre. A sustainably sourced and unique fibre made from a plant unique to the semi- desert areas of northern Mexico. It has been used for centuries to make cords, ropes, brushes, scrubbers...