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Chocolate Lovers Beauty Gift Box

Whether you're a self-confessed chocoholic or after a gift that's out of the ordinary, our chocolate lovers beauty box is sure to put a smile on the face of any recipient. Featuring the Cacao mousse mask from Urb Apothecary, full of antioxidants and packed with essential minerals magnesium, calcium, and iron from raw cacao powder. Coupled with the toning, rejuvenating...

Zero Waste Toiletries Box

Our zero waste toiletries starter kit is perfect for those looking to remove plastic from their bathroom and adopt a planet friendly regime.  Bamboo Toothbrush from Hydrophil English Peppermint Toothpaste from Georganics Natural Floss from Geoorganics Zero Waste Shampoo from Beauty Kubes Lemongrass and Tea Tree Deodorant from Kutis MakeUp Wipes from La Pepa Bamboo Cotton Buds from Hydrophil Traditional...

Rainbow Set of Biodegradable Glitter from EcoGlitterFun

This set includes rojo chunky, aurelie super chunky, rosa standard, verde fine, amethyst super chunky, koppar standard, aqua standard. 7 x 3.5g bottles of biodegradable glitter in the following sizes: Fine (150 micron/.006” hex) Standard (200 micron/.008” hex) Chunky (375 micron/.015” hex) Super chunky (1000 micron/.040” hex) Suitable for application on both face and body. Biodegradable glitter is made from...