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Bamboo Cotton Buds by Hydrophil

Cotton buds made from bamboo and soft cotton, making then 100% biodegradable. Hurrah! No more plastic sticks floating in the seas or washed up on the beaches. Specifics: 100 swabs per box. Water-neutral and vegan. Made from bamboo and soft cotton. 100% biodegradable. Comes in a biodegradable, recycled cardboard box sourced from responsibly maintained forests in Northern Europe.   Directions:...

Bamboo Toothbrush Case from Hydrophil

This sustainably produced bamboo toothbrush case is perfect for keeping your toothbrush clean on your travels. Clever vent holes have been added to allow the toothbrush to dry and prevent odours or mould occurring.  Store it in your toiletry bag, or simply add loose to your luggage, to keep your toothbrush fresh and dry whilst travelling. This is a high quality product...

Konjac Sponge from Hydrophil

This soft, natural sponge helps to take care of sensitive skin while it cleanses. Ethically made from the konjac plant, it is 100% plant-based and perfect if you want a natural sponge that doesn't come from the sea. It can also help fight acne due to it's alkaline pH level. It is great for washing children too, and helps to...

Medium Bristle Bamboo Toothbrush from Hydrophil

A medium-soft bristle brush made from renewable raw materials. Ideal for plaque removal without undue wear on the gums. Specifics: Bamboo soft bristle toothbrush made from FSC-certified wood. Petroleum-free bristles made from renewable raw materials (castor oil). 100% biodegradable. Water-neutral and vegan. Hydrophil is a water-neutral company; using sustainable wood grown without artificial irrigation. 100% recyclable packaging. Hydrophil donate 10%...