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Organic Nettle and Rosemary Soap from Happy Holistics

This soap is lovingly handmade  in Bristol by Happy Holistics founder Kelly. Kelly uses a traditional process method to produce these soaps in small batches. She uses shea and coconut butter's and extra virgin olive oil, making them super nourishing and softening for your skin. To create the soaps beautiful scent she uses distilled floral water and essential oils to...

Ultimate Travel Bar from All Natural Soap Co

With its anti-mosquito and sunburn soothing formula this really is the ultimate, multi-tasting, travel soap. Whether your heading for the beach or a camping holiday this soap is a must-have addition to your wash bag.  Formulated with 5 proven anti-mosquito essential oils, soothing aloe vera, and anti-inflammatory neem oil, this soap is something you definitely don't want to forget to...

Castille Olive Oil Soap from All Natural Soap Co

If you're striving for a life of simplicity and minimalism then this pure olive oil soap is just for you. Extra gentle and low-foaming, use it on both face and body. No added scent; a true traditional Castile soap, made with 100% olive oil. A  simple, long-lasting option that is suitable for all skin types. A double- award winner for the...

Rose Geranium Soap from All Natural Soap Co

Described as smelling ‘aromatherapeutic’ or ‘spa-like’, and distinctly floral in character, this soap has a classic and timeless fragrance that is neither overpowering nor too sweet. A firm favourite amongst the All Natural Soap Co team and one that customers come back to time and time again. The precious Rose Geranium essential oil is famed for its ability to relieve...

Seaweed Spa Refiner Soap from All Natural Soap Co

Looking to recreate that spa feeling in your bathroom? This soap works wonders for those at home facials due to its natural toning and healing properties. Enriched with kelp, and dotted through with nori and mekabu seaweeds, this soap has been affectionately nicknamed ‘Sushi Soap’ by the All Natural Soap Co team. The seaweeds and organic chlorella are packed full...

Cedarwood Purifier Soap from All Natural Soap Co

This soap has a scent that is sexy and fresh thanks to the rich, smokiness in the base note. The lather is creamy, and the bar very long lasting. If you're looking for a soap that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is cleansing, then this bars elegant shade of grey is ideal for adding a touch of style to any...

Vegan Mama and Baby Soap

This beautiful mama and baby soap from Wild Sage Co is made with chamomile, and calendula infused extra virgin olive oil along with lots of lovely organic carrot pulp. The organic shea and cocoa butter mean this soap is wonderfully gentle and moisturising for your little one.   Specifics: Vegan and cruelty free. Allergen Free. No essential oils so it...

Shea Luxury Soap from All Natural Soap Co

This unscented, luxurious and wonderfully moisturising soap is perfect for sensitive skin. Made with around 1/3 olive oil this is a modern twist on a classic Castile as it contains a lot of unrefined shea butter to make it even more moisturising. One of our favourties – we hope you’ll give this one a try. Specifics: 100% natural and ethical....

Heritage Lavender Soap from All Natural Soap Co

This relaxing and restorative soap is perfect for a reviving soak in the tub or a quick shower before bed to leave you feeling calm and rebalanced. The soap is a delicate blend of a variety of different lavenders, anchored with the classic combination of rosemary. It is as wonderfully soothing as it is reviving, and in equally appealing to...