***Acala donates 5% of all net profit to support the work of Friends of the Earth.***

At Acala our values can be summarised into one simple sentence ‘wellness for both people and planet’. It is the key to everything we do and the ruling factor behind all the brands and products that we work with. We also believe that contributing to the bigger picture is of the utmost importance.

Almost everything we humans do involves the use of raw materials that have been extracted from the earth, processed and transformed. Our economies and lifestyles are built around these raw materials. 

Our economy is built around these raw materials – natural resources – like trees, gas, oil, metal ores, water and fertile land and our demand for them continues to increase. We are consuming at a rate that the planet cannot sustain. The Earth’s resources are being used faster than they can be replenished. This also creates a challenge with the resulting waste and emissions that comes from using these resources at such a pace and scale.

In the past 100 years’ humans, have produced A LOT of plastic. And understandably so, it is strong, light and uniquely versatile. What we didn’t realise when we started using such vast quantities of plastic was the hugely damaging effects it has on wildlife and the environment. The facts are astonishing. The average plastic bag for example, is used for just 12 minutes but won’t degrade for up to 1000 years. Sadly, much of our plastic waste doesn’t get reused or recycled, instead it ends up in our seas and in our soil. Polluting wildlife, flora and fauna, as well as ourselves.

This is why we started Acala, to provide you with all the tools and products you need to create a better, happier, SUSTAINABLE environment for yourself. And to make sure we all have fun whilst doing it! Our promise to you is to always bring you the most environmentally friendly and cruelty free products on the market. To package it in the most economical way possible, and to ship it to you with the smallest carbon footprint we can.

It is also why we have chosen to partner with not for profit organisation Friends of the Earth. Acala will be donating 5% of all net profit to support the game-changing work that they do through their environmental campaigns.

To date, through their plastic free campaigns, they have brought doorstep recycling to every UK home in Wales. Making Wales one of the top three nations in the world for recycling. They are also pushing the government to ban non-recyclable takeaway coffee cups amongst cuts to other unnecessary plastic used in manufacturing and retailing.

As Acala grows we look forward to building a deeper partnership with Friends of the Earth and engaging with them at campaign level.



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