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  • Magazine - One Aware Magazine

One Aware Magazine


One Aware Magazine explores what it means to live mindfully today. As well as how mindfulness impacts our ability to make conscious and sustainable choices.

It is a print magazine that invites you to slow down and explore your journey towards a more mindful and sustainable future. In each issue of One Aware the contributors will share thoughts on life and wellbeing, their struggles, and how they deal with them. 

The One Aware team hope to inspire you to embark on your journey towards awareness.

This issue is themed Origins, and challenges contributors to explore the origins of what is dear to them. From the changing habits of our generation, to life itself; from one's personality, to our plastic pollution crisis. This issue discusses how the news of a small but inoperable brain tumour sets in motion a number of changes in how someone approaches life. As well as being shaped by the way others perceive you; and communicating emotion through music. There are art features that explore how the birthplace of a piece of art impacts its subject and relationship with its audience as well as street art from renowned artist Vhils. As well as much much more.


  • One Aware is a bi-annual publication.
  • Printed in uncoated paper from mixed recycled and FSC certified sources, meaning it doesn't have any plastic in it.
  • Bound with eco-friendly glue.
  • Vegan, completely recyclable and compostable.
  • Printed just outside of London to reduce its travel miles, at Pureprint: an award winning printer for their sustainability and the first certified carbon neutral printing company.