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  • Organic Cotton Nappy from Littlelamb
  • Organic Cotton Nappy from Littlelamb

Organic Cotton Nappy from Littlelamb


LittleLamb organic cotton nappies were introduced due to demand from parents and are manufactured from certified GOTS organic yarn. These brilliantly absorbent nappies are perfect for parents looking for natural fabrics for your babies skin.

This organic cotton nappy is the first part of a two part system. The second part is the wrap, which you can find here. Our suggestion is to match three or four nappies to one wrap.

The nappy has an internal booster that is made of microfibre so that it spins dry quickly. We suggest using a Guppyfriend bag in conjunction with your Littlelamb wrap to avoid any fibres being released into waterways. 

We also provide a spare booster that babies who are heavy wetters or can use or you can use them for nighttime. Shop it here.



  • The 3-9kg fits newborn to nine months .
  • The -18kgs fits a baby from about seven months to potty training.
  • These nappies and can be bought in multi-packs to be even more cost-efficient. 
  • Made from GOTs certified organic cotton. The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres, including ecological and social criteria, backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain.
  • Packing in recycled paper that is 100% compostable or recyclable.
  • Spin dry if possible as these natural fibres are slower to dry than manmade.
  • Can be composted or passed on to another loving owner once your little one is dry.


Why we chose to stock LittleLamb 

8 million nappies are thrown away every day just in the UK. That’s almost 3 billion disposable nappies a year! On average that is 6,300 nappies per baby. Alternatively, using reusable nappies you will end up with on average 40 nappies and 12 wraps per baby.

Littlelamb nappies are not plastic free, as they contain components such as the velcro and snaps buttons but at the end of your babie's  nappy years this waste will be equivalent to just a one litre milk carton in weight! A huge improvement on disposables.

We chose to stock Littlelamb products over other well-known nappy brands due to their commitment to eliminating waste in their supply chain(all Littlelamb products are free of plastic free packaging throughout the supply chain) as well as the standard of fabrics they use. Using Littlelambs organic cotton or bamboo nappies with a bamboo booster and wrap means 70% of you little one's nappy is compostable leaving no footprint at the end of its life. 

From our research, we believe that Littlelamb nappies are the most environmentally friendly option available in the UK today. We will continue to research and review brands and products to bring you the best options available.


Materials: GOTs certified organic cotton.

Find out more about sizings, fabrics and how to use Littlelamb's wrap nappy in the video below.