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  • Lavender Flowers (Dried)

    These dried Lavender Buds / Flowers are sourced directly from a sustainably and ethically run co-operative in the South of France. Since ancient times, Lavender (Lavandula angustifola) has been one...
    From £6.59
  • Calendula Flowers (Dried)

    Sourced directly from a sustainably run co-operative in the South of France, our Calendula petals are vibrant bright orange petals from the pot marigold plant. Use them to add a...
    From £4.99
  • Chamomile Flowers (Dried)

    Chamomile is commonly recognised for for its soothing properties for both mind and body. Use these lovely flower heads in pot pourri for their calming aroma or make a relaxing...
    From £4.99
  • Nettle Leaves (Dried)

    Nettle leaves are such an underrated plant. Rich in iron, calcium and nitrogen among others add these dried nettle leaves to smoothies for a boost. Weight for weight they have...
    From £3.99
  • Comfrey Leaves (Dried)

    Comfrey is widely known for its healing properties; it contains allantoin, a protein that helps cell renewal.   Infuse  the leaves in sunflower seed oil and add to creams and lotions to...
    From £5.40
  • Plantain Leaves (Dried)

    Plantain has long been considered by herbalists to be a useful remedy for cough, wounds, inflamed skin or dermatitis, and insect bites.    Specifics: Comes to you in a paper...
    From £3.99
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