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Face Oils

Whether you want firmer skin, a brighter glow or deeper hydration we have the face oil for you. Every skin type can benefit from an oil-the key is simply using the right one. The trick to using one in your skincare routine correctly and successfully is to select an oil that is well suited to your particular skin type. 

Acneic and easily congested skin should approach face oils with caution – but there's no need to discount them completely. Some oils are notorious pore-cloggers – as a general rule, avoid mineral oil, coconut and argan oils on the skin – but others, like tea tree and jojoba can work wonders for breakout-prone and easily upset complexions. 

For those with drier skin try a regenerative rosehip face oil.  Rich in linoleic (omega 6) and linolenic (omega 3) acids, alongside pro-vitamin A. This combination of vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids regenerates skin without irritation, and restores balance.

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  • Palmarosa Defence Serum from ACALA

    For normal to very dry or mature skin. A beautiful synergy of precious organic botanicals renowned for their anti-aging properties to nourish and help retard the signs of ageing. Easily...
  • Frankincense Facial Oil from ACALA

    For normal-dry skin. This special formulation of precious organic oils, which are renowned for their rejuvenating properties, are amazingly effective at promoting healthy-looking radiant skin. Rich in omega fatty acids, they...
  • Organic Jojoba Oil

    Jojoba golden oil is expressed from the seed of the jojoba plant, a shrub, which is native to southern Arizona, southern California, and northwestern Mexico. It is actually made of liquid wax esters rather...
    From £7.99
  • Organic Sweet Almond Oil

    This organically sourced sweet almond oil is one of the most used carrier oils in skincare and aromatherapy. It has a fine texture that is easily absorbed, and helps to leave...
    From £2.49
  • Balancing Organic Apricot Kernel Oil

    Apricot kernel seed oil is a light and gentle oil used in creams, lotions and other beauty products to balance, nourish and lubricate your skin.  High in essential fatty acids this is oil is brilliant for...
    From £6.99
  • Regenerative Organic Rosehip Oil

    100% pure, cold-pressed organic rosehip oil. This powerful formula is rich in linoleic (omega 6) and linolenic (omega 3) acids, alongside pro-vitamin A. This combination of vitamins, antioxidants and essential...
    From £4.20
  • Happy Skin Gift Bag

    If you’re anything like us, as much as you love the cosy nights, winter comes with a less cosy side of dry and itchy skin as the winter weather can...
  • Yay for Earth Golden Body Oil

    ORGANIC, GENTLE, AND MADE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES A vibrant, fragrant and sunny oil created for quick absorption to make all skin types soft and glowing. This bottle of sunshine...
  • Raspberry Seed Oil

    This the oil offers moisturizing, occlusive, anti-inflammatory benefits for skin.  As a great source of antioxidants and vitamins A and E, raspberry seed oil can slow the aging process, stimulate collagen production,...
    From £3.49
  • Beard Oil from URBAPOTHECARY

    Show your beard some love by conditioning while moisturizing itchy skin. The herbal, smoky scent will make you happy to have facial hair.   This item includes Camellia Seed Oil; a...
  • Bronzing Serum from URBAPOTHECARY

    Get the sun-kissed look without the sun damage. Nourishing plant oils anchor shimmery mica for a natural spin on bronzer.  It has a base of high linoleic safflower, jojoba oil, and...
  • Highlighting Serum from URBAPOTHECARY

    This nourishing shimmer will highlight your natural glow. The mineral micas can be applied anywhere you want to highlight, and rich oils will ensure your skin feels the love. It...
  • Green Tea Serum Hemp Face Oil from URBAPOTHECARY

    This serum helps reduce redness, minimize acne, regulate oil, and repair damaged skin. Five powerful medicinal herbs are infused into this healing powerhouse that is suitable for all skin types...
  • Odylique Organic Calendula Balm 20g

    Apply this amazing multi-tasking balm anywhere that skin is cracked, dry, or chapped such as lips, feet, elbows, hands and cuticles. The calendula extract is an especially potent supercritical CO2...
  • Slumber Serum from URBAPOTHECARY

    This aromatherapy oil has helped us through many claustrophobic flights and can help reduce racing thoughts, soothe anxiety, and ease into a deep and peaceful sleep. Specifics: 10ml roll on...
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