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Browse the highlights from some our favourite press features!


Ethica Magazine - January 2019 

Once associated with hippies, hemp is sustainable and useful crop that packed with essential fatty acids, including Omega 6 and 3. These fatty acids help improve, treat and prevent a series of illnesses and ailments, such as diabetes, vision problems, depression, ADHD, heart and lung diseases and asthma, to name a few. They also promote skin health, improving hydration, flakiness, redness and eczema. 

Proud to be one of Ethica's top 10 brands using hemp in its products.


Vanity Fair- December 2018 

Proud to be featured as one of Vanity Fair's top sustainable beauty brands in its round up of the best sustainable brands on the market.


Ethical Consumer Magazine - October 2018

Acala has been awarded Ethical Consumer Magazine's Best Buy Label. This label is only awarded to products and services with excellent environmental and ethical records, and is an endorsement is from an established and trusted name within the ethical community.

Acala was also ranked at number 5 in the respected publications list of ethical online retailers receiving a score of 13.5/20 with the top rating awarded for environmental policies. The highest score given to any retailer was 14.5/20.


Savant Magazine - October 2018

Acala is the UK’s first truly waste-free beauty retailer, inspired by founder Hanna Pumfrey’s personal ‘wake-up call’ witnessing the excess of the beauty industry’s waste. Taking steps to make eco-conscious beauty as accessible as possible, Acala was founded to inspire a movement towards reducing plastic and water waste still prevalent in the industry. Everything you need to keep up with your regular beauty routine — an extensive range of natural, organic and vegan health and beauty products — can be found on the unique platform, all responsibly packaged. Encouraging consumers to make their own cosmetics and opt for using natural raw ingredients in bulk, Acala’s mission today is to empower consumers with the true know-how of sustainable alternatives. As well as make them part of a movement for a better, waste-free future.


Jiminy Magazine - September 2018

Looking for your latest beauty fave? Created as an antidote to wastefulness, Acala lets you help the environment while you shop. High-street shopping can often lead to disappointment for the conscious consumer – an excess of packaging, little to no transparency, and bags of unnecessary items.


Natural Products News - August 2018

We were so thrilled to be mentioned alongside Zero Waste hero Rae Strauss. Here's what she had to say about Acala.

This year, Zero Waste Week is focusing on the reduction of single-use plastics. We need enterprising individuals like Hanna Pumfrey, who are passionate and committed to change, to offer solutions to some of the most pressing problems surrounding waste and resources. The Acala brand ticks all the boxes and will help consumers reduce plastics in their lives easily and effortlessly.


Female First - August 2018

Meet the woman revolutionising the beauty industry: Hanna Pumfrey, founder of Acala, the plastic and waste free beauty platform. Acala has a clear mission: to educate consumers with sustainable alternatives to their favourite products and tools, and make them proud to be part of a movement for a better life on earth.


pebble Magazine - June 2018

It's time to move away from plastic in the health and beauty industry. Helping people to embrace zero waste, plastic free skincare brands is Acala, a new online store and platform for beauty and grooming that's good for the planet.

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