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100ml Clear Glass Dropper Bottle and Spray Pump

In the beauty industry, fancy packaging is a sign of product success. Did you know that lipstick cases are weighed down so that they feel expensive but become un-recyclable? The jazzier a product’s packaging, the more waste has been created.  Choosing to make your own products at home using reusable storage not only dramatically reduces waste it also allows you...

50ml Clear Glass Dropper Bottle and Glass Pipette

DIY beauty is hugely empowering. It’s a skill. Learning to create beautiful natural formulas from flowers, leaves, herbs, seeds and berries that can have hugely beneficial effects on both your skin and internal wellbeing puts you in control of your personal care routine and allows you to tailor it to exactly what your body needs. Our simple 50ml dropper bottle...

Glass Dropper Bottle with Aluminium Cap

Available in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml this glass dropper bottle is just waiting to be filled with your homemade range of oils, cleansers, toners and remedies.    Download our free Easy Zero Waste Beauty Guide for a guide to making everything from simple cleansers and toners to mouthwash.   Specifics: Available in 30ml, 60ml and 100ml. Unbranded. Made in the...