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Menstrual Cup from OrganiCup

***Please note that we are currently awaiting delivery of more size A cups. Any orders for size A cups placed before 2 August will be shipped 3 August.*** OrganiCup is the award-winning menstrual cup that replaces pads and tampons. Made from soft, medical-grade silicone, it’s so comfortable you can’t feel it’s there.  You only need one OrganiCup. It pays for itself after just...

Menstrual Cup from MoonCup

Made from soft, medical-grade silicone, this menstrual cup so comfortable you can’t feel it’s there.  While tampons absorb 35% vaginal moisture, the Mooncup menstrual cup won’t dry you out or leave fibres behind. Holding 3 x more than a regular tampon, the Mooncup gives you longer lasting protection on heavier days. You only need one Mooncup that pays for itself...

OrganiWipes from OrganiCup

For cleaning your menstrual cup when you're on the go and without access to clean water. OrganiWipes can also be used for sanitising the cup between periods. Each packet contains 10 wipes. Specifics: Made from organic Cotton Both packaging and wipe are biodegradable Individually package Unbleached and unperfumed Directions: Before cleaning your menstrual cup make sure your hands are clean,...