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Minty Fresh Scrub from All Natural Soap Co

If need an extra boost in the mornings then this lovely soap scrub with added 'zing' is sure to have you bounding out of the shower. Fresh peppermint combined with a hint of rosemary, this soap will make sure your day gets off to an invigorating start. The addition of poppy seeds and skin-loving oil mean that this soap also...

Lemon and Lime Himalyan Salt Scrub from KiteNest

A back to basics, all natural and beautifully light scrub that brings together fine and coarse Pink Himalayan salt crystals with nourishing, natural oils to enrich your skin. This purifying scrub not only exfoliates but also hydrates, leaving skin supple and radiant. Made for frequent use. This bodylicious butter is lightly fragranced with essential oils and preserved using natural vitamin...

Cactus Face Polish from URBAPOTHECARY

A gentle exfoliator, the nopal cactus pad powder, herbal powders, and sodium bicarbonate in this unique face polish remove dead skin cells and increase blood flow. This encourages the growth of new cells, keeping your skin fresh and youthful. Jojoba and camellia seed oil, paired with jasmine sambac floral wax seal in moisture and help maintain a healthy glow. Specifics:...