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  • Organic Rose Water

    Cleansing, hydrating, and toning for all skin and hair types, this rose water is a perfect finish to your daily cleansing routine. Rose water has long been heralded for its...
    From £4.99
  • Jade Facial Roller

    Our Jade Facial roller will maximise your beauty routine. Loved for its relaxing and de-stressing properties, it is shown to improve skin's elasticity and reduce puffiness as well as ease...
  • Epsom Salts

    Epsom salt, named after a bitter saline spring at Epsom in Surrey, England, is not actually a salt but a naturally occurring pure mineral compound of magnesium sulphate. Long heralded for...
    From £2.45
  • Organic Lavender Essential Oil

    One of our top ten bestselling essential oils, this cleansing and relaxing oil is steam distilled from the flowers and leaves of French lavender. Used since ancient times,  lavender is...
  • Lavender Flowers (Dried)

    These dried Lavender Buds / Flowers are sourced directly from a sustainably and ethically run co-operative in the South of France. Since ancient times, Lavender (Lavandula angustifola) has been one...
    From £6.59
  • Detox Pamper Gift Bag

    Relax and rejuvenate with our detox pamper bag. We all need a break from time to time, and there's no better way to relax than on a pamper day. Recreate the...
  • Bamboo Face Flannel

    These super soft face flannels are made from sustainably sourced bamboo, making them naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal. They measure 23cm x 23cm and come with an integrated hanging loop. Suitable...
  • Hydrating Face Mask for Normal Skin from Beauty Kubes

    Each one of these fask mask cubes is a powerhouse of natural, skin-loving ingredients famed for their anti-ageing properties; Phytoglycogen & Hyaluronic acid - proven to improve the skin’s texture...
  • Quick View Grapefruit Sea Kelp and Sea Salt Scrub Soap - Acala
    Sold Out

    Grapefruit Sea Kelp and Sea Salt Scrub Soap

    These soaps are now being discontinued, grab them while they last with 20% discount! This unique scrub soap is the perfect accompaniment to your morning shower, gently budding away dirt...
  • Lavender Body Butter from KiteNest

    100% natural, this lavender whipped body butter is packed with natural oils to nourish and enrich your skin. Leaving you feeling calm, super soft and ready to take on the...
  • Green Clay Face Mask from Wild Sage + Co

    This green clay face mask from Wild Sage is an absolute dream for those with  oily, acne and blemish prone skin. We recommend using it 1-2 times a week to...
  • Make Your Own Face Cream DIY Kit

    Make your very face cream using only all natural, organically sourced ingredients in just a few simple steps. Wonderful for sensitive skin and free from parabens, sulphates and synthetic fragrances,...
  • Chamomile Flowers (Dried)

    Chamomile is commonly recognised for for its soothing properties for both mind and body. Use these lovely flower heads in pot pourri for their calming aroma or make a relaxing...
    From £4.99
  • Refresh Bath Cubes from Beauty Kubes

    Please note this is a short-dated product (best before 12/21) Beauty Kubes plastic-free, vegan friendly, palm free bath Kubes are sulphate free and full of skin-nourishing oils and extracts to ensure...
  • Organic Cold Pressed Pomegranate Seed Oil

    Pomegranate Seed Oil is great for stimulating regeneration of your outer skin cells by helping to replenish, nourish and revitalise skin that has been damaged by pollutants or aging. It...
    From £5.00
  • Quick View Bath and Body Oil from Wild Sage + Co
    Sold Out

    Bath and Body Oil from Wild Sage + Co

    This soothing blend of oils is perfect for relieving muscle tension at the end of a long day. Add just a few drops to your bath to hydrate skin and...
  • Organic Cotton Massage and Circulation Glove

    For gentle exfoliation of your face or body, this organic cotton massage and circulation glove is a natural and plastic free option. Dead skin cells will be gently washed away...
  • Beard Oil from URBAPOTHECARY

    Show your beard some love by conditioning while moisturizing itchy skin. The herbal, smoky scent will make you happy to have facial hair.   This item includes Camellia Seed Oil; a...
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