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Rectangular Biodegradable Soap Dish Pad

Looking for a minimalist and eco - friendly alternative to a traditional soap dish then this could be just up your street.  Slightly larger than the soap bars we stock and super slim (just 1cm thick), these non-absorbent soap dish pads raise the soap above the level of the sink and allow it to drain between uses.  Made from coir...

Slatted Soap Dish

We all know soap can get a bit 'icky' shall we say when just left on the side of the bath or shower. The trick? Using a good draining soap dish. The slats in the cute little soap dish, made with sustainable hemu wood, ensure your natural soap dries out between uses and lasts as long as possible. This stylish...

Plastic-Free Travel Soap Case

Say hello to an amazing innovation from All Natural Soap Co, the 100% biodegradable and compostable soap case and dish. It functions like plastic but is made from a wood based bioplastic.   The raw materials it is made from are byproducts of the paper industry. Like plastic, this ingenious material is lightweight, water resistant and strong, but at the end...