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Acala (“us”) is dedicated to conducting business and relationships in a lawful, ethical, environmentally friendly and socially responsible manner. A part of this dedication is requiring that our suppliers of goods and services (“you”) conduct business for and on behalf of Acala are in full compliance of all applicable laws and ethics so that Acala can ensure to its customers that the goods they receive from us have been sourced responsibly. This is of utmost important to us not only for our business model but to our core principles and values, so for this reason Acala will not work with suppliers who hinder us from being able to make such declarations at all times. It is therefore critical not only that you understand the requirements and expectations that Acala has for our suppliers, but that your own supply chain who provides you with goods and services in relation to your commercial dealings with Acala (“your business”) complies with this Code because their compliance is a part of yours.

Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption:

Child Labour:

Forced Labour and Human Trafficking:

In addition to always meeting the requirements of the UN Abolition of Forced Labour Convention, you will ensure that in regards to your business:

Working Conditions:

In addition to complying with local labour laws:

For the avoidance of doubt, “worker(s)” includes full time employees, part time employees and consultants.




By signing this Code, you:

  • warrant that the dealings that you have with us or on behalf of us will comply with this Code;
  • understand that wilful or reckless non-compliance with this Code on the part of your organisation and your relevant supply chain will constitute a breach of warranty of your services and Acala may terminate all commercial transactions without penalty;
  • understand that non-compliance of this Code may cause Acala to incur liability for which you would be under an obligation to fully remedy. You hereby confirm your understanding that such damage to business and reputation that your non-compliance can cause to Acala is often immeasurable until the same has manifested;
  • understand that you are under an obligation to report any instances of non-compliance to Acala.

Signed for and on behalf of: 

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Signatory’s Title:


Date of Signature:

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