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  • Nappy Wrap from Littlelamb
  • Nappy Wrap from Littlelamb
  • Nappy Wrap from Littlelamb
  • Nappy Wrap from Littlelamb
  • Nappy Wrap from Littlelamb
  • Nappy Wrap from Littlelamb
  • Nappy Wrap from Littlelamb
  • Nappy Wrap from Littlelamb

Nappy Wrap from Littlelamb


If you're looking to reduce costs as well the environmental impact of your little one then Littlelamb wrap nappies are the choice for you. 

Using GOTs certified organic cotton and Oeko Tex certified bamboo fabrics Littlelamb's nappies are one of the most sustainable options on the market.

Littlelamb wraps are made from a naturally stretchy and soft poly knit fabric that has a breathable membrane bonded to the inside. The result is a wrap that keeps the wee and poop inside.

The wraps were designed to fit around Littlelambs shaped nappies perfectly but they also fit other brands of shaped and flat nappies too if you happen to use a selection.

As both the nappy and wrap have elasticated back and thigh seams 'poo explosions' up to the neck are almost unheard of.

Littlelamb forensically test the wraps. They are hypoallergenic and chemically inert and fully conform to the E.U. ReACH regulations for dyestuffs. All the components used to pass the Oeko-tex Standard100 tests for garments used next to babies immature skin.


  • Packing in recycled paper that is 100% compostable or recyclable.
  • Made from waterproof but breathable Oeko-tex 100 fabrics. The most respected textile certification.
  • We suggest using a Guppyfriend bag in conjunction with your Little Lamb wrap to avoid any fibres being released into waterways. 


Why we chose to stock LittleLamb 

8 million nappies are thrown away every day just in the UK. That’s almost 3 billion disposable nappies a year! On average that is 6,300 nappies per baby. Alternatively, using reusable nappies you will end up with on average 40 nappies and 12 wraps per baby.

Littlelamb nappies are not plastic free, as they contain components such as the velcro and snaps buttons but at the end of your babie's  nappy years this waste will be equivalent to just a one litre milk carton in weight! A huge improvement on disposables.

We chose to stock Littlelamb products over other well-known nappy brands due to their commitment to eliminating waste in their supply chain(all Littlelamb products are free of plastic free packaging throughout the supply chain) as well as the standard of fabrics they use. Using Littlelambs organic cotton or bamboo nappies with a bamboo booster and wrap means 70% of you little one's nappy is compostable leaving no footprint at the end of its life. 

From our research, we believe that Littlelamb nappies are the most environmentally friendly option available in the UK today. We will continue to research and review brands and products to bring you the best options available.

To find out more about sizings, fabrics and how to use to the Littlelamb wrap nappy watch the video below.