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  • Condoms - Vegan Condoms From Glyde
  • Condoms - Vegan Condoms From Glyde

Vegan Condoms from Glyde


GLYDE condoms are the truly vegan condoms. While most condoms contain cows' milk proteins, Glyde condoms are 100% vegan-friendly and have been approved by the Vegan Society since 2006.  Made in Malaysia from raw latex milk and thistle extract. 

Size Ultra: Standard size fits most at 18cm long and 5.3cm nominal width.


  • Vegan - guaranteed (Reg.No. #019955)
  • Certified manufacturer.
  • Made from natural rubber latex.
  • Only natural and vegan colours and flavours.
  • Lubricated, teat ended.
  • Come in packs of 10.

Ingredients: raw latex milk, thistle extract.