Love the festive period? Love the smell of warm mince pies? Of turning up the volume on your favourite Christmas album?

Of looking at the street lights, watching a Christmas classic and drinking a festive beverage or two?

We can enjoy all the festivities and live a little more consciously without being a Scrooge. In fact, our zero waste Christmas campaign is filled with ideas for fun times with friends and family.

Not sure where to start? Keep reading to discover our 12 'Zero Ways' of Christmas.


Zero Ways 1-3: Three Simple Recipes to Get You Festive Party Ready the Zero Waste Way 

DIY lipstick recipe


Zero Way #1: Easy Zero- Waste Lipstick Recipe.

Because wherever you're heading the perfect lippy will finish your look. You can never go wrong with a red or bold lip, it's festive and a quick way to make a statement. Team this simple DIY zero waste lippy with a shimmery, refillable eyeshadow from Zao for instant glam.


1/4 tsp bentonite clay (to make the lipstick matte)
2tsp shea butter
1tsp coconut oil
1/4 beetroot


1. Melt shea butter and coconut oil over hot water.

2.Peel, chop and blend beetroot.

3. Mix all ingredients together.

4. Poor into a dropper bottle and leave to cool for an hour or so.

5. Store and use for up to 5 days.


DIY bronzer recipe


Zero Way #2: DIY Bronzer Recipe

Another staple of the festive party look is glowing skin. A great go-to solution to having a polished holiday make up look is bronzer on the cheeks, hair line, sides of the nose, eyelids and jawline. You can also add highlighter on the highest point of your cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose, mid forehead, chin and eyelids. Add a swipe of black eyeliner and your homemade lippy your face is done.



2 tbsp cacao powder

1 tbsp cornstarch

1tsp mica (optional)

Old spice jar or old compact


1. Mix cacao and cornstarch in spice jar or compact. If using mica to add shine add as well.

2. Pour into compact or spice jar.

3. Apply using natural brush. Tap excess powder off brush.

4. Store and use for up to 2 weeks.


 Dry Shampoo Recipe


Zero Way #3: DIY Dry Shampoo Recipe

Keep hair party ready with this simple Dry Shampoo recipe. 

For those busy days or late nights, a good dry shampoo can be what keeps you feeling and looking fresh. Unfortunately most commercial options are laden with chemicals and come in environmentally unfriendly aerosol cans. Try our simple DIY recipe to keep your hair party ready this festive season.


60g cornstarch

60g Charcoal, Cocoa powder, Cinnamon or Arrowroot (depending on hair colour- see our DIY ebook for more details)


1. Mix the base with your chosen colour ingredient in a bowl. Add the colour ingredient a tablespoon at a time to get the closest match to your hair colour possible.

2. Pour into an old spice bottle and shake onto head.


DIY not for you? Stay tuned for 12 Zero Ways of Christmas part two when our beauty guru Rachael will be sharing a demo of a beautiful festive look using refillable, organic makeup from Zao.

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