When it comes to our beauty routine, it’s essential to keep our tools clean to avoid any bacterial build-up. Not only does this ensure that we keep our skin clean, this ensures a longer life for our brushes, and on top of that our makeup is applied smoothly and evenly.

Read on to discover simple tips and tricks to create a green, clean beauty routine!

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1. How To Clean Face Brushes

Perhaps the most essential brushes in our kit, our foundation and blush brush, are also both highly susceptible to bacteria growth and product build-up. For brushes that we rub all over our face, it’s so important to keep them clean to avoid breakouts and maintain healthy skin! There are tons of brush cleaners on the market, but as always, we recommend to DIY first.

Deep Cleaning DIY Ingredients


●       Organic Olive Oil
●       Castile Soap
●       Vinegar
●       Essential Oil of Choice

How To Wash:
1) Pour 1 tablespoon of olive oil onto a clean washcloth and press your dirty brush onto the oil until it’s completely coated.

2) Combine castile soap and warm water in a bowl and soak your brush in the soapy solution for a few minutes. Run your clean fingers through the bristles to remove all the built-up product on the brush.

3) Pour ½ cup of vinegar into a separate bowl. Add two drops of your favourite essential oil (we love Lavender or tea tree) and dunk your brush into the vinegar to disinfect the bristles.  Use a clean towel to dry the brush. 

How Often:

Face brushes should be deep cleaned at least once per week, so that excess makeup doesn’t get lodged between the bristles, and bacteria can’t spread as quickly onto the skin.  Our foundation and blush brush are 100% cruelty-free, meaning they have synthetic bristles that can be washed frequently without wear and tear.

2. How To Clean EyeBrow Brushes

When it comes to our eyeshadow and eyebrow brushes, it’s just as necessary to thoroughly clean the bristles as we would with our face brushes. You can either deep clean all your brushes at once if you have the time, or opt for something a little quicker in between washes.

Don’t worry; you still won’t need to spend extra money on a brush cleaner with tons of unnecessary chemicals just to save some time. Another method you can try is simply using warm water and anti-bacterial or castile soap. The good thing about using castile soap is that it’s a gentle vegetable-based soap that can be used on all of your makeup brushes, and it lifts dirt and bacteria to the surface so that it can be washed away.

How To Wash: Method 1
1) Create a soapy solution by mixing warm water with any anti-bacterial soap.

2) Place the bristles of your brush into the bowl and run your fingers through the bristles to clean off all the makeup and grime.

3) Use a clean towel to dry the bristles. Let them dry overnight.

How Often:
If you’re mixing colours and products to achieve a certain eye look,  it’s best to wash your eye brushes between every use. However, if that’s unrealistic for you, we have another option! Stick to a schedule of one deep cleaning session per week and make a DIY for in-between washes with a spray.

How To Wash: Method 2
1) Fill a clean spray bottle halfway with water.

2) Add castile soap to fill up the rest of the bottle.

3) After each use, spray your bush with the solution and rub it against a clean towel until you have clean bristles

3.How To Clean a Powder Puff

According to dermatologists, our powder puffs and sponges can hold the largest amount of bacteria due to their ability to soak up product. Not to mention, powder puffs are less effective when it has layers of makeup on its surface!

How To Wash:

1) Tap the puff on a clean towel to get as much loose powder off as possible.

2) Fill a bowl of warm water with anti-bacterial soap and stir the solution.

3) Submerge your puff into the bowl, squeeze and swish it around for a few minutes to dislodge the built-up makeup.

4) Next rinse thoroughly.

5) Pat dry with a clean towel and let it air dry.

How Often:

It’s essential to practice a consistent cleaning routine for your powder puff once a week so that it continues to mattify your t-zone and create the smoothest makeup application.

4.How To Clean Reusable Nail Polish Remover Pads

Have you tried these yet? Removing nail polish may not be a day-to-day activity but all the more reason to take care of them as you don't want them sitting there after use for a few weeks. 

To wash the pads and to ensure you are extending the life of your reusable nail polish remover pads we recommend;

1) Washing the pads with a bar soap as soon as you've finished using them to remove any nail varnish on the pads (Hand washing is best with these, so avoid placing in the washing machine)

2) Then lay them out to dry!

*If you are using traditional nail varnish remover, the pads will harden a little with use but this will not detract from their effectiveness.


5.How To Clean Reusable Jars and Bottles

We highly recommend repurposing your glass jars and bottles to store the formula in for all DIY beauty products. With that being said, it’s essential to sterilize each container before turning it into your beauty jar to keep your formula fresh and effective.  All you’ll need to do is:


1) Create a soapy solution by mixing warm water and soap

2) Wash your jars and bottles in the solution

3) Next soak the jars and bottles in a pan of boiled water for 15 minutes

4) After that, your jars will be thoroughly sterilized and bacteria-free!

How Often:

We recommend doing this when you first use a bottle or jar and every time after you have finished the contents of the bottle, so it is in tip top condition and ready to be reused again and again!

In need of an antibacterial soap for your cleaning routine?

Check out the Acala Cucumber, Aloe Vera and Lime Soap. It is packed with the puree of fresh cucumber, dill herbs and essential oils of lime, cedarwood and lavender. All of this goodness is combined with Aloe Vera, that contains powerful antioxidants that can help inhibit the growth of certain bacteria that can cause infections in humans making this soap hugely anti-bacterial and cleansing - Perfect for your makeup brushes too!

Cucumber aloe vera soap from Acala

 Let us know how you get on with your green cleaning routine!

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