Embarking on a completely zero waste beauty regime may seem an impossible challenge so rather than overwhelm yourself why not make some small and easy changes in the right direction and start with some plastic free swaps. It’s all a journey hey and after all, the biggest influence we can have for change on a wider scale is how we spend our money.

Get started today with our 7 top tips for going plastic free with your beauty regime: 


  1. Use recyclable or biodegradable packaging.

This is probably the easiest switch you can make and given that you’re already reading this article you’ve found your go destination for cosmetics and toiletries in 100% recyclable and biodegradable packaging. Who? Oh, us of course! Acala is your one stop shop for zero waste and plastic free health and beauty products.

There are amazing brands out their creating 100% natural and organic products in packaging that biodegrades or can be recycled or refilled. Some of our favourites are Zao and UrbApothecary for makeup, EcoFemme and &Sisters for period products, plus Kutis and of course our own Acala brand for your bathroom essentials and more! 


  1. Jump on the ‘bar bandwagon’ 

All natural soap co soaps

No, we’re not talking about spending more time down the local, we’re talking about forgoing packaging all together and buying soap bars, shampoo bars and even massage bars. Yes, massage bars really are a thing! Lush now offer them, as do this lovely brand Happy Holistics, from Somerset.


  1. Buy in Bulk

Beauty Kubes shampoo bar

If you can’t get on the bar bandwagon, we know it’s not for everyone, then buy in bulk. Buying in bulk will not only save you money but also reduce your packaging waste. Try Dr Bronner’s soap for face, hair and body available in 5 litres recycled plastic bottles.

However, I think it is important to note that the bar options are getting better every day and brands like Hedgerow & Moor (formerly Beauty Kubes) have now recreated the liquid shampoo experience in a cube so we’d thoroughly recommend giving it a go!


  1. Go reusable with your face wipes and cotton pads

Standard face wipes and cotton pads are not biodegradable and cause huge problems in landfill and our oceans. Make the easy switch to makeup removal using either your normal cleaners or try our plastic free and natural eco-alternatives to wipes:


  1. Ditch your disposable razor

girl shaving leg with reusable razor

Give a girl a plastic razor and she’s smooth for a month. Give a girl a stainless-steel safety razor and she’s smooth fo’ life! That’s our motto anyway!

Safety razors are having a renaissance and they are no longer the domain of men. More and more women are ditching their pink, plastic, single use razors for the high quality, close shave and environmental benefits. Not to mention the pink tax; the notion that products that are branded towards women are more expensive than their male counterparts. The cost of the Muhle safety razor we stock on Acala, although that initially more expensive investment than a disposable razor, within a year you will have made back your investment. After that you’re saving money.

Shop Muhle safety razors.

View our guide to using a safety razor.


  1. Go bamboo everything

boy using hydrophil bamboo cotton buds

Believe it or not plastic toothbrushes that you throw away few months and plastic cotton buds that get one use and then binned are not good for our environment. We’ve all seen the image of the seahorse that made friends with the plastic cotton bud somewhere out in the ocean. That image really pulls at our heart strings!

Bamboo is a very sustainable crop; fast growing, requires no fertiliser, needs very little water and self-regenerates from its own roots, so it doesn't need to be replanted. So, switching to bamboo products is another super simple switch that you can make without a lifestyle change.

We love:


  1. Try these plastic free, refillable and biodegradable cosmetic brands

festival look using eco-glitter fun

Who said eco-beauty was boring? We’ve got all your eco-makeup needs covered from refillable cosmetics from Zao to gorgeous hair accessories from SAYA Designs.

Shop Zao’s certified organic products.

So, a few great go-tos for you when it comes to nailing both shelfie-worthy packaging and brands with eco-credentials. Happy plastic free beauty routine you gorgeous people!

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