Finding a mascara that you love or can be tough, but the most difficult thing in beauty may well just be finding the best face cream for you. Especially if you’re trying to find it 100% natural and zero waste. It generally involves a lot of traumatic trials, and errors, and a few breakouts later you find something you’re happy with. And let’s face it (pun intended), feeling happy with your face is pretty important right! Well, we’re here to help you. Whether you’re looking to spend £10 or £40 we’ve narrowed down the best face cream formulas, and of course they’re all zero waste.


Glowing Rose Face Balm from Scence | £23.99

Scence Rose Face Balm

Great for those with oily skin, this 100% natural intense face balm from award-winning brand Scence is packed full with super hydrating rosehip oil, healing frankincense  and soothing rose geranium essential oil.

Softening and hydrating, this nourishing balm has a base of moisture rich butters and oils and leaves your face and neck feeling soothed and cared for without leaving a greasy residue. The team over at Scence use wonderful organic jojoba oil and rosehip oil for healing and replenishing vitamins.

And it’s packaged in a recyclable and compostable cardboard, what’s not to love!

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Argan Face Balm from Wild Sage & Co | £13.99

 argan face balm from Wild Sage and Co

This is Wild Sage and Co's signature face balm. It is skin nourishing and silky smooth when applied. Use daily, morning and night as your main moisturiser and feel the difference in your skin almost immediately. 

It is great for dry, normal and oily skin. It is also a wonder for use around the eyes, as it is both light and nourishing leaving your eyes looking fresh and bright.

We love face creams with Argan oil bases and have been hunting high and low for the best option. Argan is a deeply nutritious oil, famous for its benefits for the hair whilst also being greatly beneficial for the skin. It is rich in essential fatty acids, which penetrate deeply into the epidermis and are readily absorbed, nourishing from the inside out. It is a brilliant anti-inflammatory, it works to improve skins elasticity and to smooth out fine lines leaving skin silky and smooth.

The clever team at Wild Sage have blended together lavender essential oil for its healing properties and geranium for its balancing effect, combined they make a wonderfully uplifting scent to start, and end, the day with. 

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Yay for Earth Lotion | From £24.00

Yay for earth Lotion

This sensitive skin lotion has been heralded by many as a miracle cream. Use it day and night on the face for sensitive skin and all skin types. This is an oil based moisturiser and not a cream or chemical base so you only need a small amount to yield full benefits. A small amount goes a very long way with this product.

Wonderfully balancing, calming and hydrating for the skin it will give you a beautiful glow. he olive oil acts as an antioxidant and moisturiser. The shea butter has anti inflammatory and collagen boosting properties and the beeswax and honey have anti-viral and anti-bacterial compounds. Finally the pomegranate seed oil is a brilliant anti-ager. The perfect combination for a calm, happy, and healthy face.

All ingredients are sourced responsibly, and without plastic. Honey & beeswax is from the farmers market and is local, and from a sustainable beekeeper. Made in New York by the lovely Stevie Van Horn, read the amazing reviews of this lotion here.

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All of these lotions can be applied before suncream. Find out how you can create your zero waste suncare routine here.

Find out more about which oil bases are right for your skin in our DIY Zero Waste Beauty Guide.

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