By Roxanne Ward, Content Creator for Acala. 

Women’s health has been growing on the global news agenda, and long may it continue. From period poverty and the tampon tax to the use of red liquid instead of neon blue for pad adverts (finally), that time of the month is being discussed and debated more than ever. Open discussion about issues that affect the majority of people can only be a good thing. But what about the effect of our periods on the environment? 

The use of sanitary pads, tampons and applicators generates 200,000 tonnes of waste per year in the UK, and it’s easy to forget that most of these essential items contain plastic, aren’t reused or recycled and cause issues when flushed down the loo.

From the cost of these one-use items and the effects of their disposal on our planet, to the fact that the climate changes they effect disproportionately affect women, it’s definitely time to start thinking about how much more environmentally friendly your period could be. Thankfully, there are some great products out there to help us reduce the impact on our lovely, but vulnerable, planet.


Menstrual Cups

Cups have been getting good press for a while now, and with good reason. They’re cheap, reusable and can be used for years, making them great for the wallet as well as the planet. Cups can be left for up to 12 hours before being removed, rinsed and reused – and they can last for 10 years. That means your money spent on sanitary products is just 15p per month, rather than 15p per tampon! They also don’t require washing in a machine, so there’s the added bonus of saving energy. The OrganiCup, available on Acala, also comes chemical-free and zero waste – a totally guilt-free option!


ecofemme menstrual pad


Reusable Pads

Periods are personal, so if you’re not a fan of tampons or cups, then reusable pads are a fantastic alternative. Products like EcoFemme pads, available on Acala, are made from organic cotton and are simply used, washed and used again. It’s an age-old practice which is good for the planet and for your vagina, thanks to the materials used. What’s more, purchasing Ecofemme products will help combat period poverty in India. A starter pack of 4 pads is £22 and they can last 3-5 years. That means you’re looking at spending less than £5 per year on sanitary products that won’t harm the environment. A total win-win!

 Flux Undies

Reusable Pants

Do you ever wish you could feel totally free? Cup, pad and tampon-less and yet carry on with your life, without worrying about staining your favourite jeans? Then period-proof pants could be the option for you. You simply wear, wash and reuse them. Flux Undies hold more than 6 tampon’s worth of blood (more than any other product), and with a great range of great styles, so you can say goodbye to those big ‘period week pants’. The pants retail for around £28 a pair, and last up to 2 years; that means you’re saving on your money within just 3 months, and the environment straight away. Go you!


organic tampons from OHNE

Organic Tampons

Reusable products aren’t for everyone, and for many may not be practical or feasible every month. If that sounds like you, then you can still make sure your periods are having as little effect on the environment as possible by going organic. Ohne tampons are made from 100% organic cotton, and that’s it. The applicators are 100% biodegradable (even the wrapper!).

So there you have it – we can’t help you feel better when those cramps kick in, but you can definitely feel better about having a more eco-friendly period! Get in touch with us if you have any questions about any of the products mentioned.

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