The facts

We could bore you with the endless reams of facts about waste; how it is only increasing and the truly terrifying impacts it is having on our planet, however we’re pretty sure if you’re here and thinking about getting involved in Zero Waste Week this year it’s because you’re well aware of our waste problem.

So, for this article, we think it’s sufficient to stick with the simple fact that there’s no such place as ‘away’. When we throw something away it doesn’t go to the magical waste zapping land that turns our mouldy yoghurt cartons and gungy mascara tubes into beautiful flowers. Sadly, our waste may go away from us but it is always somewhere else; often polluting another area of the planet.


The Campaign

Zero Waste Week is all about raising awareness of how much waste we generate whilst using the campaign to focus on reducing it – it’s free to take part in and fun!  Taking part in ZWW is a great way to engage your family, friends and colleagues in reducing the impact of waste on the environment. It is a week where we can all come together to be part of the solution.

Zero Waste Week is a grassroots movement that was launched in 2008 by zero waste living wonder woman and self-proclaimed ‘Grandma of Zero Waste’ Rachelle Strauss. Rachelle started her own journey to zero waste living back in 2004 after being caught caught in flash flooding in the town of Boisdale. Watching seven-foot-high flood waters rise over the course of 20 minutes Rachelle concluded, rightly or wrongly, that everything she’d read about climate was true and happening. In that moment, she decided to be part of the solution not the problem.

Starting her own blog to keep her and her family on the straight and narrow when it came to their lifestyle she successfully transformed Strauss family life to a zero waste one. She started Zero Waste Week in 2008 as an annual awareness campaign to inspire others to reduce landfill waste.  And the campaign has grown and grown!

Last year the reach of the week-long campaign was 56 million people with participants in 76 countries. But her work and the campaign isn’t just limited to the one week. Throughout the year Rachelle leads conversation and commitment across social channels and through newsletters.

Whether you choose to just do without for a week or use it as an opportunity to try new things, for example trying DIY personal care options that will hugely cut down on waste, there are plenty of ways to get involved. 


What you can expect from us


  1. All the tips and tricks

Everyday throughout the week to help you go zero waste with your personal care routine. All you need to do is make sure you’re signed up to our mailing list.


  1. An exciting new collection of products

Available for pre-order now here. On the 3 September, we will officially launch the first Acala own brand collection of products. The collection will be made up of base oils, raw ingredients and reusable storage that will help you significantly reduce the waste you create in your personal care routine.

All products are packaged in 100% recyclable glass and aluminium, the most widely recycled materials in the UK aside from paper. We are also working on a pre-paid returns scheme that will allow you to return your empty bottles to us for sanitisation and re-use. More to come on that in the next few months!


  1. An exciting new resource

We will also be launching a free Zero Waste DIY Guide. DIY beauty is hugely empowering. It’s a skill. Learning to create beautiful natural formulas from flowers, leaves, herbs, seeds and berries that can have hugely beneficial effects on both your skin and internal wellbeing puts you in control of your personal care routine and allows you to tailor it to exactly what your body needs. 

We need to take the next step in this amazing wellness movement towards product and personal care routines that are good for both us and the planet. For me that means simplifying our routines, learning from mother nature and making the most of what she has to offer in a way that preserves resources for generations to come.

We can do this by choosing to buy from beauty brands that are committed to sustainable supply chains, all natural products and responsible packaging. We can also take it back to basics and learn how raw ingredients can be used as they are in super simple homemade recipes that eliminate the need for single-use packaging, as well as help us to use less.

Many of the recipes in the e-book for example use very similar ingredients, this was a conscious decision to help readers to reduce costs as well as buy in bulk to reduce waste.  

Stay tuned for the launch on the 3 September! 


  1. Are you feeling lucky?

Throughout the week we’ll be running a competition that will both help you learn from others as well as give you the opportunity to win a goody bag from our new collection of base oils and raw ingredients to help you get started. We’ll announce the competition details on Monday 3 September.

So, all that’s left is to say yes to Zero Waste Week! There’s a week to go, we’ll see you next Monday.


    5. Events

There are lots of exciting events going on over the course of the week both online and offline. For anyone London based you can find us at Zero Waste Finale Market on Saturday 8 September (in Camden) where we'll have a stall and our founder Hanna will be doing a talk on 'Is the future of beauty zero waste?' At the market you'll find lots of zero waste stalls and clothes swaps, as well as be able to take part in talks and discussions led by Kate Arnell, our resident zero waste living expert and low waste living queen, as well as Catherine Conway, founder of Unpackaged. 

You'll also find us at No Planet B Festival on the 13 September. This event takes a look at conscious consumerism and how we can all make a big difference in the world with our everyday choices. Come visit us on our stall to stock up on all your plastic free and zero waste cosmetics and toiletries, as well as hear our founder Hanna talk on a panel discussion. 

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