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  • Dental Supplements from Georganics

    These dental supplements from Georganics have been specially formulated to promote strong, healthy teeth and gums. By boosting specific vitamins and minerals levels, they support our body's natural remineralisation process and sustenance of healthy tissue.  These tablets ensure...
  • Vitamin D Supplement from Wild Nutrition

    Many people in the UK do not get good access to consistent sunlight due to work (offices) and 'typical British' summer weather (cloudy days and rain). This Food–Grown® Vitamin D...
  • Magnesium Supplement from Wild Nutrition

    Magnesium is involved in 300 + processes within the human body and brain; from support for a healthy nervous system and energy production to psychological function. It is known as...
  • Immune Support Supplement from Wild Nutrition

    This unique complex of Food-Grown® vitamins and minerals, amino acids, biomass mycelial mushrooms and Elderberry. For all the family to optimise defences during busy and challenging times. For those managing...
  • Skin, Hair & Nail Supplement from Wild Nutrition

    This Food-Grown® Skin Hair and Nails formula from Wild Nutrition contains herbs and antioxidants to support that inner glow as well as a bespoke blend of Food-Grown® nutrients, whole-foods and...
  • Food-Grown® Iron Plus Supplement from Wild Nutrition

    For all the family, this Food-Grown® Iron Plus from Wild Nutrition provides a unique complex of Food-Grown® Iron incorporated with nutrient cofactors ('team mates') such as vitamin C, molybdenum and...
  • Pregnancy Supplement from Wild Nutrition

    A unique complex of Food-Grown® vitamins and minerals formulated for the entire pregnancy and for breastfeeding women. Providing the required 400ug of folic acid as natural Food-Grown® folate which contributes...
  • Pure Strength Omega 3 Supplement from Wild Nutrition

    This Pure Strength Omega 3 provides 800mg of EPA and 400mg of DHA in easy-to-swallow capsules from MSC certified, sustainable Alaskan Pollock. Omega 3 Fish oils have been shown to...
  • Multi Strain Biotic from Wild Nutrition

    This Multi Strain Biotic from Wild Nutrition is a bespoke formula using 8 strains of beneficial bacteria necessary for normal gut function and immune balance. This high strength provides 30...
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