The damaging effects of plastic is something that, thanks to Sir David’s amazing Blue Planet, we’re all becoming increasingly aware of. Rubbish islands in the ocean, rivers of trash and the suffering and death of countless marine animals and birds are just some of the negative consequences of our collective plastic waste on the planet.

But, although it’s important to highlight these impacts, at Acala we’re not ones to focus on the negative. We’re big believers in good content being about good things, and prefer to spend our time focusing on the positive news that will inspire you lovely lot to take action in your own lives to live your best life for both people and planet.

Last week we talked you through how to break the convenience habit we have with single-use plastic. This week we bring you 5 amazing and inspiring individuals who are absolutely smashing plastic free living and who all share their experiences and tips online to make it easier for the rest of us.


  1. Kate Arnell | Ecoboost 


Kate is Acala’s very own zero waste living guru and has been living single-use plastic free now for around 4 years. So, she of course tops our list of amazing people to follow to inspire you on your own plastic-free journey. 

We love Kate’s ethos and general approach to life. As she says it’s not about being perfect, it’s about making changes, no matter how small they are. Her motto? Dyo what works for you and you’ll find you’re constantly growing and improving. Going single- use plastic free doesn’t happen overnight, but the willingness to start, does!

Kate makes zero waste living easy. So, stay tuned for more amazing tips and tricks for going zero waste from Kate right here on the Acala blog.


  1. Stevie Van Horn | Yay for Earth


We’re all big fans of Stevie at Acala. She makes us want to just jump up and shout YAY FOR EARTH inappropriately loudly! Follow Stevie for inspiration on how to go single-use plastic free in the city. Stevie is an all round amazing lady who shares her life living zero waste in New York City. 

Stevie is a daily source of inspiration for self love, living sustainably, seeing the positive in everything around us and, above all, the importance of getting out into nature! She also recently launched her own brand of skincare lotion that is being heralded as a natural miracle for your skin. Be sure to check her out.


  1. Lindsay Miles | Treading My Own Path


Lindsay is the original advocate for a non-disposable lifestyle. After accepting a year long challenge to go single-plastic free in 2012 she has never looked back. Her website is an absolute wealth of resources for reducing plastic waste in every part of your life. 

Lindsay is so knowledgeable and you cannot fail to be inspired by her dedication to helping others reduce their plastic waste.


  1. Kathryn Kellog | Going Zero Waste

Who's heading to their summer farmers market today?? Markets and summer wardrobes are my fav part of the season! I feel like I can conquer the world in these pink hot pants. Plastic free flowers? you bet! Adorable second hand summer outfits made of natural fibers!? Absolutely. PS wearing natural fibers does not mean you have to turn into hemp wearing shapeless blob. (Unless that's you're style - then ROCK IT) What's your favorite part of summer? #goingzerowaste . . . . . . #zerowaste #plasticfreejuly #secondhandfirst #ethicalfashion #americanstyle #ecofriendly #ecoliving #sustainable #sustainability #simplicity #simpleliving #theartofslowliving #thehappynow #livemoremagic #livethelittlethings #flowershop #summerstyle #slowfashion #slowliving

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Kathryn is the worlds zero waste poster girl. Recently cited as the Marth Stewart of the Zero Waste world Kathryn has been living without single- use plastic since she was in college. Kathryn came to plastic free living for health reasons; began experiencing intense breast pain as a teenager. This led to her cutting out endocrine disruptors one by one and starting to create DIY products that she knew she could control the ingredients of. She finally traced her pain to an aluminium containing deodorant.  

All of her research during this time led her to start thinking about the waste she created and her blog is now a wealth of tips for plastic free living!


  1. Celia Ristow | Litterless 

Us based Celia makes plastic free and zero waste living aesthetically pleasing. If you’re looking for Instagram inspo she’s your girl. Celia tackles important issues associated with plastic pollution in an interactive and stunningly beautiful way.

Get started with your own zero waste bathroom and beauty routine today by heading to our plastic free section.

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