At a time when the world desperately needs more zero-waste practices, unfortunately, there are tons of wasteful products on the market that deters people from DIY remedies. This is why we created our DIY beauty collection offering an alternative, eco-friendly, and clean-ingredient approach to beauty.


1.DIY Hair Conditioner

Women with beautifully conditioned hair

Dry or damaged hair will have us running to pick up just about any product that’ll add some life back into our hair! Luckily, we have a great DIY recipe for a deep conditioning hair treatment that’ll take a minute or two to make! 

Ingredients for 1 rinse:

  • 1-2 tbsp raw apple cider vinegar

  • 250ml cool water

  • 1 drop lavender oil (optional)

How To:

  • After shampooing and rinsing your hair, mix the apple cider vinegar, water and essential oil (optional).

  • Leaning your head back, pour the rinse over your entire scalp, allowing the mixture to run through your hair. Be careful to avoid contact with your eyes.

  • Let the mixture sit in your hair for 1-2 minutes

  • Rinse thoroughly


The amount of raw apple cider vinegar will vary depending on your hair type. We recommend starting with 2 tbsp and working up to 4tbsp if you are not seeing the desired result with the lower ratio.


2. Body Butter

DIY body butter

Everyone loves a good body butter, but not everyone knows how simple it is to make at home! It can be tempting to sift through the lotion aisle at the shop and get sucked into buying another body butter because of it’s enticing packaging and promises to keep your skin from cracking. Sometimes its a hit, but oftentimes the texture isn’t great or the scent can be unpleasant. Just like that, your money goes down the drain and you’re on to finding the next product. The wasteful process of trial and error until you find your perfect products can be completely eliminated by creating your own!

Making your own body butter is as simple as can be using our DIY kit that comes with: organic shea butter, organic apricot oil, lavender and orange essential oils, and organic candelilla wax. Yes, you only need five ingredients to make that perfect, whipped body butter! The best part is, once you have all the ingredients, it only takes four steps until you have your finished product.

How To:

  • Chop the shea butter into chunks and whisk until you have a creamy consistency.

  • Add apricot oil and mix until it’s absorbed into the butter.

  • Add essential oils, whisk at full speed for 3-5 minutes until you have a fluffy texture.

  • Spoon the formula into the glass jar.


3. Lip Balm

Acala online lip balm DIY kit

Onto one of our next favourite, yet potentially harmful products, lip balm! Have you ever purchased a lip balm and noticed that it does nothing that it promises? It doesn’t nourish or moisturise your lips, but it actually dries your lips out more. Well, that’s because many lip balms contain ingredients that intentionally dry your lips out so that you think you need to continue purchasing the product. Also, these toxic ingredients are going on your lips, which could affect your hormones if they are ingested. To be on the safe side, you can make your own lip balm at home and you won’t have to worry about any of this!


The only ingredients you’ll need are shea butter, almond oil, essential oil for fragrance, and a container. With our DIY kit, you’ll have everything you need plus peace of mind that everything is 100% organic! To make your lip balm:

How To:

  • Bring a pan of water to a boil and melt 1 tablespoon of shea butter and ½ tablespoon of almond oil in a metal bowl above the pan.

  • Stir in the essential oil of your preference: peppermint, citrus, or unscented.

  • Pour the formula into the aluminum tin, place in the fridge to let it set. 


4. Face Cream

Acala DIY ingredients to make a face cream

For any product that goes on your face, it’s important to make sure that the ingredients are clean and safe to use. For one of the most sensitive areas on your body, the safest route is to DIY to avoid any rashes, burns, or breakouts. Our kit comes with organic rosehip oil, organic jojoba oil, organic orange essential oil, and organic candelilla wax. You’ll only need 15 minutes to make your own face cream:

 How To:

  • Bring a saucepan of hot water to a boil.

  • Combine jojoba oil and candelilla wax in a metal bowl and melt over the pan at low heat.

  • When melted, add essential oil, stir and pour into your glass jar.

  • Let formula cool, then cover with the lid.



5. Lip and Cheek Stain

 Rose shade tinted lip colour

As zero-wasters, we’re all about multi-purpose products! Any product that can be used in two or even three ways, sign us up. To add some colour to your lips and cheeks, you’ll only need one product, three ingredients, and five minutes. 

  • Place 1 teaspoon of castor oil and 1 teaspoon of shea butter into a glass measuring cup. 

  • Set the glass jar in simmering water until shea butter starts to melt.

  • Stir in 1 teaspoon of beetroot powder and then pour into a small jar.

  • Store in a cool area for up to 6 months.

There you have it, five products that you never knew you could be making at home to save money and reduce your waste! No need for harmful chemicals that are toxic to your skin or wasteful packaging that’s toxic for the environment. We believe in natural, effective ingredients that’ll nourish your body and save the planet. To find more of our DIY recipes, we have a zero-waste beauty e-book that you can download for free. Happy DIY’ing!













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