Looking for a little pamper in your routines, then you've come to the right place! We’ve got some great products to share with you which will feel spa and refreshing, with the delightful scents of natural handmade soaps to the relaxing nature of a hot towel exfoliation. Read on to find out more!


Introduce a hot towel scrub to your routine

Improve your lymphatic system, increase circulation and encourage the detoxification process by doing a hot towel scrub or body brush. A hot towel scrub can be done before or after a shower and all you need is a sink of hot water and a medium sized washcloth. Do one section of your body at a time, scrubbing until the sink turns pink and slightly warm. Scrub for 2 to 20 minutes, depending on the time you have. If this doesn’t interest you though, use a dry body brush before showering.

We recommend using a bamboo flannel for your hot towel scrub for it's anti-bacterial properties.


Cleanse the skin with charcoal products

Charcoal is great for your skin. Strange as it may seem activated charcoal does wonders to brighten the complexion and cleanse pores. 

For thousands of years charcoal has been used in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine to detox the body. It works by binding to toxins and chemicals in the skin, deeply penetrating pores and capturing dirt and grime so you can easily wash them away. This means the topical use of charcoal can be effective for pore decongestion, making it excellent for oily, blemish prone skin.

Check out our free e-book for activated charcoal DIY recipes.


Copper Tongue Cleaner

The tongue cleaner originated in Ayurveda. These U-shaped devices made of stainless steel or copper have a blunt edge that removes build-up from the surface of the tongue. The concept can sound a little odd but tongue scraping removes bad bacteria and toxins that accumulate in the mouth, improving digestive health and immunity. We all know that we are what we eat and that is no truer than for our skin. Tongue scraping is a great way to maintain fresh, healthy skin.

It also helps to maintain good oral health and fresh breath. It sounds strange but give it a go – all you need is a few quick strokes, twice a day. Click HERE to find out more and how to care for this product.


Oil cleanse for glowing moisturised skin

They may seem counter intuitive at first, but oil cleansers really do work! 

Your skin is continuously secretes oil that remains on your face, this is what blocks your pores leading to blemishes. It is important that the natural sebum, as when your natural oils are stripped away your skin goes into overdrive to create more, causing blocked pores and blemishes.

Using this cleansing oil will dissolve this oil and replace it with natural, replenishing oils that will leave your skin glowing. 


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