The holiday season is a joyous time of the year. But, what does it mean for the environment? Unfortunately, it’s not such a joyous time for our planet.  

Having said all of this, we don’t mean that we should cancel Christmas to save the environment! To keep family traditions alive, continue spreading the holiday spirit, and keep the planet in mind, it’s time that we all embrace a zero-waste Christmas, as much as possible, with some eco-friendly alternatives.



Why not try some homemade decoration? hese can come in many forms from, drying our oranges in the oven to making your own salt doe and using biscuit cutter to create an array of shapes. It can also be something as simple as making paper chain and snowflakes from paper.

All in all the aim is to reduce single-use items and avoiding plastic where possible. DIY decs are also great fun for all, and teamed with a mulled wine, well, how festive can you get?


Plantable Christmas Cards 

If you look forward to sending out your yearly Christmas cards, by all means, continue spreading the holiday cheer. But this year, use plantable Christmas cards! Some people save all of the Christmas cards they receive in storage, but others might toss them in the trash once Christmas is over. 

Since you’ll never really know if your cards are stored or thrown away, our plantable Christmas cards are made with recyclable materials and embedded with twelve types of British flower seeds! 

Be sure to add a note to your recipients reminding them to keep the card until Spring, plant into well-composted soil, and wait for the wildflowers to sprout. Just like that, your Christmas cards will never contribute to waste ever again; they’ll turn into something beautful!

The Gift

Unless your friends and family provide you with a detailed Christmas list, it can be tricky to pick out something they would like. It might sound cliche, but always be mindful of what you’re gifting, and make sure it’s something they need rather than want. 

A sustainable and practical gift can be more exciting to open than you might think! Whether they need a jumpstart to their zero-waste journey with an essentials kit or love DIY's, there’s a zero waste kit for everyone on your list. 


The Wrapping


When it comes to gift wrapping, let's avoid traditional wrapping paper that’s made out of plastic and opt for cloth wrapping. It might feel strange at first, but it’s a much more sustainable option to keep the element of surprise without contributing to landfill waste. The fabric will last for years to come and you can use on rotation with your family and friends!

Lastly, forget all about the tape and use fabric strips as a ribbon to tie up your gifts. An eco-friendly Christmas might protect the environment, but it also saves your bank account!

And just in case you happen to be one of those people who likes to keep old Christmas cards, turn them into gift tags


The Food

For the children in your family, present time is probably the most exciting and important moment of the night. But for everyone else, we’d all be lying if we said we weren’t just a little more excited about the food! 

Being mindful of food waste during the holidays doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consume or offer any food for your family to enjoy. Instead, it’s important to consider how many people you’ll be feeding, and from there, determine the amount of food that’ll be on the table. 

Since it’s nearly impossible to have an exact calculation of how much everyone will eat, plan ahead, and make sure that you have enough room in your fridge and freezer for leftovers.  

Around 270,000 tons of food gets wasted on this one day. So, even if you can’t manage to follow all of the tips above, the one thing that you can do to spare the planet on Christmas is to avoid food waste and eat up all of your leftovers!


We hope you have a conscious and safe Chritmas! 

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