The festive season, aside from the decorations, mince pies and Christmas films, is a time to spend with our loved ones and appreciate everything we have. It’s also a time where we like to gift to the important people in our life – but – what if this year, we gift differently. What if we gift to other causes on behalf of our family and friends, to help people in need and the planet. 

Let us explain, as we are delighted to share a few ideas that we would love you to get involved with and gift differently this year.


A crowdfunding platform built to support homeless people through training and into stable, paid work. Based in London, this wonderful organisation and the brilliant team behind it are really making a difference to people’s lives on a daily basis.

How can I get involved?

Simply visit their website HERE and go to the donation section. From there you can choose whether to go for a monthly payment or a one-off. It has full flexibility so you can choose how much you want to give. 


You can fund specific campaigns. Head to the campaign section where you can read specific funds and read the person's story.

Feeling like running a fundraiser?

Select the get involved header and then to raise money. You can then see other fundraisers and what they have done as well as signing up to launch your ownfundraiser.

Click HERE to find out more about donations :)

Choose Love

Raising money for the Help Refugees charity, Choose Love supports displaced and vulnerable communities. They have created a movement of people putting love into action around the world. This team does incredible work from funding rescue boats to finding shelter for people in need and much more! They are helping millions of refugees find a better quality of life.

How can I get involved?

Choose Love has a fab online shop where you can choose to purchase from three categories, Arrival, Shelter and/or Future.If you are feeling extra generous you can buy the entire store! These categories are great as each one has an item or care bundle that you can buy so you know exactly how you are helping someone else. Vouchers can also be purchased which can make a great gift for someone too.

Click HERE to shop

This season Choose Love have also launched new personlaised e-cards, so that when you buy a bift on behalf of a loved one this season, you can spread the love further with a customisable card.

Click HERE to find out more

The Woodland Trust

An organisation all about trees! They plant, protect and restore trees, woodlands and wildlife populations across the UK. Did you know that just 13% of the UK is covered by woodland? The Woodland Trust knows all about this, and are doing  great work for our environment and to tackle the climate crisis.

How can I get involved?

Support ‘The Big Climate Fightback’ campaign and help them reach their target of planting 50 million trees in the UK in 5 years. You can either join, act or give to be part of this movement.

Join by purchasing a membership; a great gift that goes towards helping protect the forest and the wildlife

Act by buying trees from their online shop and planting trees in your local area – there is currently free delivery on all trees too!

Give by donating a one-off or setting up a monthly payment of your choice.

Click HERE to find out more

Ocean Mimic

‘A brand and charity united by one common vision — healthy, plastic-free oceans’. Based in Bali, Indonesia, Ocean Mimic works with the local community to raise awareness, educate and empower people to fight against plastic pollution. Did you know that ‘more than 8 million tonnes of plastic enter the oceans every single year and that by 2050 it is predicted that, if things don’t change, plastic will outweigh fish!’

They run weekly beach clean-ups across 20 countries and have recently opened their own recycling plant at the HQ in Bali, Indonesia.So far they’ve collected 19,042kg of rubbish making them a real fighting force against plastic pollution!

How can I get Involved?

Ocean Mimic sell swimwear made from recycled ocean plastic - 10% of profits goes to the charity and for every suit sold, 10 kilos of trash is picked up from somewhere in the world.

You can also make donations through their website that go towards all the amazing projects they run, including:

  • Worldwide Beach Cleanups
  • Bali School Programmes
  • Bali Recycling Center
  • Paying local staff
  • Waste transportation
  • Printing educational materials
  • Gloves and bags

Click HERE to find out more



They are a fabulous company helping both businesses and individuals offset their carbon impact (Including us!). They do this by planting trees across the globe and funding carbon neutral projects. They have just celebrated having planted 4 million trees! They have a great website too where you can keep track of your trees and how much you are contributing.

How to get involved?

They run a subscription based membership to start offsetting you carbon, which can be done as a family or a personal plan for as little as £4.50 – as they like to say, less than a cup of coffee a week! 

Gift consciously this season at Acala as we will plant a tree via Ecologi for every order made - Check out our Ecologi Forest HERE

So far we have reduced 58.4T of carbon, planted 1,058 trees and have been part of the climate positive workforce for 10 months, and along the way this has contributed to some amazing projects run my Ecologi. This month our funding is going directly to help preserving 186,218 hectares of the the prime Brailian Rainforest, and developing Wind energy in India to help supply afforable energy to the Andhra Pradesh state.

Click HERE to find out more


We hope that you all have a great festive season and will consider gfting differently this year and into the future!

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