As one of the busiest shopping days of the year, there are usually two opinions when it comes to Black Friday: people either love it or they hate it. If you are one of the latter, don’t worry there are so many wonderful counter campaigns out there working to turn Black Friday into a force for good.

Here we’ve pulled together our favourite. 


  1. Get involved in Blue Friday: #bluemovement 

Join the nationwide DIY clean-up initiative that’s aims to show you that it only takes an empty rubbish bag, a pair of gloves and a moment of your time to make an impact on our oceans.

The initiative has been started by United By Blue, a retailer that has pledged to remove a pound of rubbish from the world’s oceans and waterways for every product they sell. They use their profits to fund clean-ups across the world.

Find out how you can get involved by downloading the clean-up guide here.

The Blue Friday team want to see your pictures of cleanup groups, weird rubbish and full rubbish bags so share your Blue Friday pics with them using the hashtag #bluemovement. 


  1. #OptOutside Instead

Take a stand against Black Friday by taking in all that Mother Nature offers. Go for a hike or run in your favourite park. Doesn’t fresh air and beautiful scenery sound better than a day spent under fluorescent lighting? 

Tag your activity with #optoutside on social media to join the conversation and see what others are up to. 


  1. Shop Second hand: #Vintagefinds

In ye times of old there was a view that items were valuable and to be grateful for. But in today's society, clothing and other items is treated as cheap and disposable, which is a huge problem for our global environment. 

Choosing to shop second hand reduces our demand on the world’s resources, as well as loosens the grip of advertising and corporations on shaping our style and identity, and can reconnect us to the joy of using items and passing them on.

Shopping second hand is also super fun! There is nothing like the joy of finding a well preserved, pre-loved piece at a bargain price. 


  1. Embrace #buynothingday

Buy Nothing Day was set up twenty-five years ago as an alternative to the frenzied day of shopping and spending, and encourages people to take a stand against consumerism by not spending a penny. It was started in Canada in September 1992 as a day for society to examine the issue of over-consumption and the effects of human greed on the environment.

It is where you challenge yourself, your family and friends to switch off from shopping and tune into life. The rules are simple, for 24 hours you will detox from buying stuff - anyone can take part provided they pass a day without spending!


  1. #ShopEthicalInstead

Buy nothing day not for you? At Acala our focus is on helping you to reduce the amount of health and beauty products and of course the packaging that you use by buying better.

We do not support the unnecessary consumption that Black Friday can cause but we recognise that it’s an awesome opportunity to get that Christmas present shopping done early or to get your hands on that item you've been saving up for and know you'll be keeping for years. 

If you're going to shop this Black Friday we invite you to #shopethicalinstead. Choose brands and retailers that place workers’ rights and sustainability at the heart of their operations. 

Between the 23-26 November, for every order placed on Acala we will donate £2 to our charity partner Friends of the Earth. Friends of the Earth campaign against a number of causes close to our heart from beating plastic pollution to supporting and increasing biodiversity in the UK.

Let’s use Black Friday as a force for good this year.

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