It's Veganuary!

It’s Veganuary and the perfect time to take the plunge and try out some new vegan and more environmentally friendly cosmetics. We get it, switching from your tried and tested products can feel scary but there are plenty of great reasons to take the plunge. 

Plant based products use oils and ingredients that are much closer to the natural oils that our body produces, that’s why natural oil cleansing is so great for those with oily skin. Check out our IGTV tutorial on oil cleansing for more info on that. Plant based products are absorbed much more easily by your skin, letting it breathe and avoiding your pores blocking.

So. Without further ado let’s get into some of the big benefits of going vegan with your skincare.


 1. They help our planet stay beautyful

Going vegan with your lifestyle and your cosmetics means lowering your impact on the planet. According to the University of Oxford, a vegan lifestyle is probably the single biggest way to reduce your impact on planet Earth, not just greenhouse gases, but global acidification, eutrophication, land use and water use. 

Not all vegan cosmetics and products are better though as many contain synthetic products and chemicals that can be very damaging to the environment. Stay tuned for our blog post out later this month that will go into the details on how you can read labels to ensure you’re choosing sustainable vegan products.

Another way to ensure your vegan products are as sustainable as they can be is to choose to DIY. Then you know exactly what’s going into your products and can keep them as simple and as natural as possible. 

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2. Vegan cosmetics equal simpler cosmetics.

Typically, vegan cosmetics are known for having fewer ingredients than non-vegan cosmetics and we all know that the less you put on the skin, the better condition it will be in.

The beauty industry wants to convince us that we need complex beauty routines and many products. Think of our grandparents, they just washed and moisture and they seemed to do just fine! Let’s make 2019 about fuss-free products that do their jobs well, there’s no reason to complicate our beauty routines.


3. Complex, non-vegan commercial products often = ?!/$56n>???!!! for your skin

Many animal by-products found in complex commercial cosmetics are damaging for our skin. A big one to avoid is lanolin, it’s probably one of the most common too. This ingredient is derived from the wool of sheep 🐑 and doesn’t have any benefits, so if you see it on a list, scrap it.

As we mentioned earlier on in this post, plant based products use oils and ingredients that are much closer to the natural oils that our body produces. This means they are absorbed much more easily by your skin, letting it breathe and avoiding your pores blocking. For this reason, you’ll often find that dry skin reduces significantly when using plant based products.

4. Vegan beauty products are better suited for sensitive skin

Performance wise plant based beauty products are considered better for your skin as they typically have few ingredients in them. So, if you’re prone to sensitive skin this is a win as there are fewer ingredients to irritate your skin.


5. Beyond animal testing

When it comes to an animal-free certification, there are certain tiers: vegan is uppermost, with zero animal products, by-products or testing. Cruelty-free means the final product has not been tested on animals, although this may not include individual ingredients. So, by choosing vegan products you can be 100% certain that a product is cruelty free.

Finding vegan beauty and cosmetic products can be challenging at first because ingredients are not labelled to say ‘pig fat’, ‘fish scales’, ‘ground up animal horn’, etc. That’s why it’s important to understand all of the nuances of what Vegan beauty means. This means understanding:

  • what animals ingredients are commonly used
  • the differences between vegan and vegetarian beauty
  • whether the brand or just a product is vegan,
  • and understanding what is associated with vegan beauty and what shouldn’t be.

Later this month we’ll be deep diving into vegan cosmetics and their labels to tell you everything you need to know and make choosing products and reading their labels easy.

Also, stay tuned for our post out later this week on our fave vegan cosmetic products to get you started!

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