Our round up of the best vegan health and beauty books out there. Whether you’re just getting started with a plant-based lifestyle and beauty routine or you’re a pro we’ve got something for you.  

The Compassionate Chicks Guide to Beauty


The Compassionate Chicks Guide to DIY Beauty

Sunny from The Vegan Beauty Review, one of the most popular vegan beauty blogs around as written a BRILLIANT vegan DIY beauty book! The Compassionate Chick’s Guide to DIY Beauty is packed full of over 100+ recipes so you can easily make your very own non-toxic, vegan, cruelty-free beauty products at home.

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Toxic Beauty

Toxic Beauty 

Although Toxic Beauty is not a specifically vegan book, it’s a book that all vegans ought to read as it discusses the hidden chemicals in cosmetics and how they can harm us and animals. Something that is often overlooked in vegan beauty is that although a product may not be tested on animals and deemed cruelty free, some of the chemicals used in the product could be. 

To find out more about this read our article on the 5 lies your cruelty free brand is telling you. 

Ageless Vegan 

Ageless Vegan

In the Ageless Vegan, author Tracye McQuirter explores the secret to living a long and healthy plant-based lifestyle. Alongside health professionals and her mother (80-years-old-going-on-50- Mary) Tracye embraces veg powered ways to combat disease as well as sharing how a plan-based lifestyle can help you look and feel younger.

Tracye breaks down the basics of nutrition, how to build a vegan pantry, and how to make sure you're getting the best nutrients to promote longevity and prevent chronic disease, along with 100 recipes that are perfectly seasoned and full of flavour.

No More Dirty Looks

No More Dirty Looks

Your lipstick. Your nail Polish. Your conditioner. Most of us don’t realise that the products we use every day expose us to thousands of chemicals that are readily absorbed through our skin impacting our health.

In this book journalists Siobhan O’Connor and Alexandra Spunt delve deep to share the things that that the cosmetics industry don’t want you to know. 

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Check out this Q&A with the No More Dirty Looks Authors here on MindBodyGreen.

How To Go Vegan

How To Go Vegan

For those just starting out on their vegan journey what better way to kick off than with this audiobook by the Veganuary campaign itself. The book covers the why, the how and everything you need to make going vegan easy.

Download the audiobook.

Still need convincing? Check out our article 5 reasons to choose vegan cosmetics. We’ve  also written a Guide to Vegan Beauty: What to look for (and what to avoid.

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