With sub-zero temperatures across the globe, chapped lips might seem an unavoidable side effect of the winter months. Stocking up on lip balm often seems like the easiest route to battling the cracks but it’s not the only remedy. Try one of these super simple, zero waste chapped lip cures instead.


Girl with wet hair


Before you wash your face, apply a balm to your lips. Your cleanser may actually be drying out your lips—both salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide disrupt your pH balance and can cause chapping.



Use almond oil to soothe; it contains free radical fighters vitamins A and E. Get it waste free here.


chopped cucumber

If your lips are both chapped and sore, slice up a cucumber into thin pieces and leave them over lips for five minutes. It helps rehydrates your lips and feels fantastic.


coffee grounds

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate. Open the kitchen cupboard and we’re sure you’ll find the ingredients to make a simple at-home paste with sugar and honey or waste coffee grounds.


unrefined organic shea butter

Chapped lips will heal best when they’re moist, try a raw beauty hack and apply organic, unrefined shea butter directly to li[s to nourish and moisturise. Shop shea butter here.


aloe vera

Rub Aloe Vera onto your lips. Its soothing, anti-bacterial properties will helps relieve the pain of small cuts and heal them.

    Something else to remember, sometimes fragrances can cause allergic reactions. If you suspect your lips might be suffering because of a scented balm, stick to one without strong scents or flavours.

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