Instagram is stuffed with pictures of fallen leaves, cosy blankets, roaring fires and people scrumping for delicious red apples, giving us all the cosy Autumn feels!

But as committed zero waste beauty advocates (as well as self-confessed social media addicts) we’re always looking for ways to make our consumption sustainable, particularly through DIY beauty.

The great news is that Apples are a fantastically multi-purpose autumn gift that can transform your skin right through winter. Not only will one per day keep the doctor away but they have a host of uses you might never have considered…

Why Apples are Great for the Skin:

They are a natural toner:  The juice of apples balances your skin’s pH without being overly harsh (I’m looking at you, citrus fruits).  This allows you to cleanse the skin without stripping it of natural oils. 

They’re fibrous: Which means they’re packed with elastin and collagen – the vital building blocks of skin elasticity.  As we age we produce less, so it’s a critical ingredient for skincare.   This is especially good to know for those of you who are vegan.  The alternative ingredient used for collagen is the jelly found in beef and pork stocks which is highly collagen rich. Apples are ideal for plant-based alternatives.

You can take advantage of this by using apple rinds as a form of pectin in jams and chutneys, and in apple purees.  Try to blend or boil for as little time as possible with this method, so as not to destroy the all-important nutrients.

They’re ideal as a hair rinse: A compound called procyanidin B2, which is commonly found in apples, works with the hair’s natural structure to add shine.  This compound is found in apples and in apple cider vinegar, which can also be mixed with henna for hair dye and on its own for a simple rinse.

They’re full of necessary vitamins: Green apples, in particular, are dense with vitamins A, B and C, which have a lovely brightening effect on the skin.


They’re anti-inflammatory and great at tackling infection: The same pectin that helps thicken gels, is super soothing and great for reducing infections. In fact, it’s a brilliant natural option for helping acne prone skin.

How to use them in your beauty regime:

AS A MASK: Steam slices of green apple, and crush them into a paste, mixing with a teaspoon full of jojoba oil, then applying liberally to the skin.  Leave for 15 minutes then rinse off thoroughly.

AS AN EYE TREATMENT:  Take chilled slices of green apple and apply instead of cucumber slices to the eye area.  3 – 5 minutes is enough here.

AS A CLEANSER:   If your skin is normal, combination or dry, use a teaspoon of apple juice and apply with a natural flannel or cloth.  If you have oily skin use a mix of water and apple cider vinegar (2:1) instead.

Bamboo Flannel

To soothe acne prone skin:  Use a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar mixed in a glass of around 200ml of warm water and soak a natural cloth, wring it out then lay it over your face for around 5 minutes before gently patting the solution into the skin.

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