2021 has been a record breaking year for plastic free beauty. 


As awareness of the impact of plastic in beauty products, both on the earth and our bodies grows, we’ve seen a huge increase in recognition (and orders) for products that offer a sustainable alternative to mass-made products, without compromising efficacy.

It is an absolute fact that the plastic packaging (and micro-packaging from ingredients)  from many personal care items we’ve used still exists in landfill and our sea, so the sooner we can make the switch to these outstanding alternatives, the better. 

We take a look at which plastic free beauty products have been picking up the prizes...


Deodorant is chosen based on its efficacy, then secondly, its smell. It’s vital for people who choose to switch to plastic free that the experience of both is excellent.

Who are the movers and shakers?

Scence Pure Deodorant meets the criteria beautifully. It’s 100% natural, vegan, cruelty free and hand poured, with a recyclable cardboard tube that offers up to three months of use.

It scooped an impressive Gold Medal in the Free From Skincare Awards, a highly regarded accolade, as Free From Award entrants face tough scrutiny from both demanding volunteer testers and an expert judging panel.

Scence was also Highly Commended in the Natural Health Magazine 2021 Beauty Awards.


Kutis Plastic-Free Deodorants, another emerging indie brand, have also demonstrated extraordinary potential. Available as a roll-on in four fragrances, they offer soothing, calming properties and hold up to stringent user testing with no trouble at all.

Kutis was a Finalist in the in the Natural Health Magazine 2021 Beauty Awards


Period products are responsible for hundreds of tonnes of plastics finding its way into our seas, as well as some seriously harmful effects on our body (learn more in our recent blog in support of environ-menstruation week). 

Offering safe, clean alternatives to period products is a critical area for us, so we’re delighted to see our brands being considered so highly.

&SISTERS Nudie Menstrual Cup

Made from recyclable, soft, hypo-allergenic medical-grade silicone the reusable nüdie cup is the perfect eco-choice for women of all flow types who want to feel safe and comfortable for up to 12-hours.

What’s It Won?

Health & Wellbeing Awards Finalist  

Eco Femme

For people who prefer a traditional pad, but don’t want the side-effects and damage of disposable sanitary towels, Eco Femme pads offer an absorbent, hygienic alternative. 

Easy to use and clean, EcoFemme also contributes one cloth pad for a girl in India through their Pad for Pad programme.

What’s It Won?

Green Parent Best Menstrual Product award winner with Day Pad Twin Pack


Oral hygiene is not a nice-to-have and nobody wants to compromise on their smile.  That’s why you tell us how much you love Denttabs. 

The alternative to toothpaste, these foaming dental tabs are zero-waste, micro-particle free and come in both fluoride and non-fluoride options.

What’s It Won?





Cosmetics are not easy to make zero waste; packaging, formulations, and payoff can all be a challenge.

We’re so proud of Zao, who’ve made makeup truly beautiful, with a range of wearable colours, in bamboo packaging. The range even works for professional makeup artists.

What’s It Won?

From deodorant to skincare and sanitary products, we are proud to champion our plastic-free personal care award winners – let us know if there’s a brand you think deserves a shout (or we should know about) by tagging us on @acalaonline.


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