One of the easiest and most impactful skin treats you can learn to make at home is a bespoke face mask. 

maca mask recipe

Particularly if you’re a city dweller and experience a lot of skin pollution, or if you have skin in need of clarifying, our Miracle Face Mask recipe is an ideal skin treat to help at home.

Ingredient Benefits

Miracle Mask is rich in skin loving natural ingredients including:

Charcoal powder which benefits the skin by:

  • Removing impurities Research has shown that activated charcoal is amazing at drawing out dirt and grime from below the surface of the skin
  • Reduces spots and blackheads Charcoal clarifies the skin, leaving it deeply cleansed, removing the build up of skin and dirt that causes spots and blackheads
  • Controls oiliness. Activated Charcoal reduces excess oil and balances overproduction of sebum, so your skin looks less ‘shiny’ and more ‘glowy.

Green Clay is an amazing deep cleanser and exfoliant, helping to encourage skin cell turnover leaving you radiant and fresh.

charcoal mask recipe

Turmeric helps to soothe inflammation, reduce redness and irritation and is a powerful anti aging ingredient.

Maca helps to reduce hyperpigmentation and is rich in natural antioxidants, tackling exposure to environmental toxins without harshly damaging the skin.

How to Make Miracle Mask



Mix your powders, then you can choose which liquid ingredient to add to bring it together:

- A tablespoon of filtered water is the simplest option, and will allow the powders to do their work uninterrupted.

- If your skin is inflamed, you might want to mix it with a tablespoon of aloe vera juice or rose water.

- If you are looking for something to improve skin texture, sweet jojoba oil brings the powders together in a way that nourishes – especially good if your challenge is also dryness.

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