Easter is a lot of fun; egg hunts, chocolate and family dinners are a lovely way to celebrate the advent of spring.

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However, it is also environmentally harmful.

The Lib Dem MP Jo Swinson launched a report in 2018 called ‘Choc Horror’ off the back of research carried out by the University of Manchester, demonstrating the huge impact of consumer drive around Easter eggs.

The key issues were:

  •       The environmental cost of bringing in that much raw cocoa ingredient
  •       The huge amount of wasteful plastic packaging used to protect chocolate eggs – estimated at around 3000 tonnes of waste in 2018 and 8000 tonnes in 2021 by Less Waste.

According to Environmental Journal Online, her research found five out of nine brands used more than 30g of plastic to pack an egg, with Lindt being the worst offender.

She also found their chocolate egg takes up less than 1/6th of the box, and its packaging accounted for more than a third of the total weight. Easter is just not eco friendly.

If you’re vegan, even traditional activities like egg blowing are unnecessarily harmful to animals and the planet.

How to Enjoy a More Eco Friendly Easter

  • Buy wisely – choose eggs with the least amount of packaging
  • All cardboard packaging and foil wrapping can be recycled – and can also be used for craft and gift ideas in the home
  • Plastic egg-shaped packaging can be recycled in your recycling bin
  • Sweet wrappers contained within eggs should go in your black bin (although we’re obsessed with these brilliant candy wrapper crafts instead)
  • Consider making DIY Gifts for friends and family using delicious ingredients like shea and cocoa butter from ethical sources

Our good friend the Easter Bunny has hidden FOUR eggs around the site. To find them, you’ll need to answer the following clues, and then tell us which pages they’re hidden on.

THREE of you will win a DIY Body Butter Kit worth £30!

 To Enter:

Look around Acala to find the 4 little blue egg images pictured above. To make it a little easier, here are 4 clues: 

  1. You use this product to clean away the day – but with our version you never have to throw it away. 
  2. You’ll experience no sharp edges or hanging nails to catch with this sandy smoother.
  3. If you want to make something special and sumptuous from scratch, you’ll need to start on this page.
  4. Maca powder, Charcoal powder and Water make which skin treat you can learn to make yourself on this blog?

Share your answers and details here. 

Email us if you need support with the quiz

Competition Closes 23:59 Tuesday 19th April 2022.  – We’ll draw 3 winners from all correct entries on April 22nd.  

Happy Eco Friendly Easter!

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