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DIY beauty not for you? Discover great eco-switches you can make today without a lifestyle change.

We get that going DIY with your beauty regime isn't for everyone. So, today we're looking at easy eco-switches and brands that make zero waste personal care possible without a lifestyle change.

Our top tips:

Make the simple switch from disposable products like razors, makeup wipes and dental floss to reusable options that provide exactly the same experience. Our favourite reusable products are:


Water shortages are set to be one of the biggest environmental challenges facing our planet in the coming years. We love water free products as not only do they reduce waste, per use, their carbon footprint is about 25% less than that of liquid products.

Here are some of favourite water free products that provide the same experience as conventional products:


Surface runoff, is the flow of water that occurs when excess storm water or other water from other sources flows over the Earth's surface. This can happen for many reasons and is a major component of the water cycle.

The challenge with surface runoff is when it comes into contact with pollutants such as pesticides and fertilisers used in agriculture. These pollutants then enter the waterways and eventually end up in the sea hurting marine life.

A simple way to eliminate your contribution to this waste is to choose natural and organic products.

There are many brands that are committed to reducing their waste and at Acala we only work with those brands. There are also high-street brands that you may already be using who have pledged to go zero waste in the next few years, such as REN skincare and Zao Cosmetics.

Although these brands are not yet zero waste you can shop with them safe in the knowledge that they very soon will be. 


Got a beauty brand that works really well for you that you just don't want to stop using? We get that. A simple way to cut down on your waste is to always go for the bulk option. Then decant into smaller, reusable packaging that you can use in the shower, by the sink etc. Buying the bulk option always reduces total packaging used.


Your inspiration for all things organic, cruelty-free and eco-friendly. At Acala we believe in wellness for both people and planet.

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