Music festivals are synonymous with summer and the Acala Team is ready for some much-needed sun! 

Reading 2018's beauty crystal ball, aka Vogue, and predicting this year's hottest make-up trends, we've created your complete 2018 festival makeup lookbook. Read on for how to put together the perfect looks to rock around a field, sipping cider from your reusable cup and send out those one love festival vibes! P.s. we hope you're not sick of glitter yet because 2018 is the year of all-glitter- everything.


coral and green eyeshaw festival look

The Trend

Black eyeliner is taking a dramatic turn in 2018, particularly on the festival scene! And strong eyebrows look set to stay. The hot colours for this this year are greens, yellows and reds. Eyeshadow is also nolonger just for above the eyes, try adding using a contrasting colour under the eyes to make your festival look pop.

Make it work

  • Start with the mascara. For that bold festival look we're using Zao's refillable volume and sheathing mascara.
  • Move onto the eye lids and under eyes. hear we're using Zao's refillable eyeshadow in coral rose for a block look above the eyes. And have added Zao's matt aquamarine under the eyes to add extra pop to the look
  • Define the eyebrows with Zao's natural eyebrow powder.
  • For your eyeliner, try tracing it thickly around both lashlines or wing it out at a dramatic angle. It's all about creating graphic shapes.
  • For the lips, try a muted matt lipstick like Zao's pink red or red orange to keep the attention on the eyes.

Get your hands on it

blue eyeliner and glitter festival look


The Trend
Introducing the nude gold festival look. Perfect for those that want to keep their festival look natural. Golds and yellows are huge this spring summer and the ideal way to create an on-trend but natural look. 

Make it work
nude festival look
  • Use an eye shadow brush to fill in the area between your upper lash line and eyebrows in a matt copper. Here we're use Zao's matt gold copper refillable eyeshadow. 
  • Add block line of Gold Copper above the lash line to luminate the look. Here we're using Zao's gold copper refillable eyeshadow.
  • Add definition with Zao's refillable blue eyeliner and eyebrow powder.
  • Here we've gone for pretty, old pink lipstick to finish this natural look.
  • (Bra, optional!)


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under eye glitter trend

The Trend
Under eye glitter is the sparkly festival concealer trend we never knew we needed until right about now! So you know right about day 3 of the festival and just 5 hours of sleep down you're starting to run out of 'dewy, fresh faced look' ideas? Fear no more, glitter is at your rescue. A firm trend for 2018 is under eye glitter, and the brighter, and bolder the better!

Make it work
  • Begin the look by doing your eye makeup as you normally would, using a generous amount of concealer under your eyes to lighten the area.
  • Dampen your eyeshadow brush and dust your eyeshadow colour of choice underneath your eye leaving space between the lower lash line and the eye shadow.
  • Eyeshadow colour should correspond to glitter colour choice. Here we have used Zao's refillable eyeshadow in Peacock Blue.
  • Then use EcoGlitterFun Aloe Vera glitter brush, dip into aloe vera glue and start to place the glitter under the eyes. Start with a thicker layer directly under the eyes to add definition and fan out to a lighter layer. Here we are using Aqua Uber Disco Ball from Eco Glitter Fun, with a hint of Candy Floss Glitter to add lightness to the look.


Get your hands on it
Girls together festival hair

The Trend
Glitter Glitter Glitter! Eyeshadow Eyeshadow Eyeshadow! Glitter is not just for face and eyeshadow is not just for eyes. This festival season it's about more everything, everywhere!

Make it work
  • For the face use bold colour streaks and overlay with glitter. In this look we're using Zao's refillable eyeshadow in matt aquamarine and peacock blue. You could also try Zao's on- trend tropical grape eyeshadow
  • Apply your make up as normal then create bold block colour along the cheek lines.
  • Use EcoGlitterFun's aloe vera glue to apply an overlay of glitter. Here we use EcoGlitterFun's Merry go Round glitter to add a fun layer of definition.
  • Chest glitter is absolutely in, to make it work we suggest following the line of your collarbone and using a darker colour glitter. Try Mermaid Glitter from EcoGlitterFun.

Get your hands on it

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