More and more of us are choosing a conscious lifestyle, one that is good for both people and planet. Being mindful about what we’re putting on our skin is just one of the areas more of us are focussing on. ‘Organic’, ‘Natural’, ‘Free from’, ‘’Vegan’ are all becoming frequently used buzzwords with ‘Organic’ the biggest beauty buzzword of the moment. But what does that really mean? And how can you tell if a product is truly organic?

There is currently no legal standard in place for organic cosmetics in the UK, meaning that any brand can make organic claims on packaging without needing to contain any organic ingredients. Organic Beauty and Wellbeing Week is all about clearing up this confusing and debunking any myths. The week's ‘What I’m Made Of’ campaign highlights the importance of being able to choose organic ingredients.

There is lots going on this week to help raise awareness, so here we’ve put together our top picks of the weeks events, workshops and general happenings!

Stay tuned for Acala content as well to help you get grips with skincare ingredients and labelling, as well some cheeky discounts and giveaways to celebrate the week. 

May 8 | Veveloution Topics: Health & Wellbeing 

By Vevolution 

Join the guys and gals from Vevolution to explore what it takes to maintain a fit body and mind. This event will bring together leading plant-powered fitness and health experts to share their inspiring stories and practical tips on how to build a strong body and mind.

May 12 & 13 | Organic Beauty & Wellbeing Pop-Up  

‘Organic’ is the latest beauty buzzword, but not all the hype is healthy. The Beauty industry is rife with greenwashing and information overload but no fear,  The Soil Association Certification is here to clear the confusion and debunk the myths with its annual Organic Beauty & Wellbeing Week! 

May 12 | From Niche to Norm 

By Soil Association Certification Beauty & Wellbeing 

‘Organic’ is the latest buzzword in beauty and wellness but it hasn’t always been that way. To hear how it went from uncool alternative to the new must achieve lifestyle, register for this panel discussion hosted by Yanar Alkayat, Editorial Director at Healthista to hear from:

 Multiple Dates | Drop-in Hand Massage with LA – EVA 

By Soil Association Certification Beauty & Wellbeing

Sustainable living is about being good to yourself, as well as the planet! So pop down to The Organic Beauty and Wellbeing pop-up shop at The Hoxton, Holborn for a pamper sesh. Treat yourself to a luxury hand massage with the evocative organic skincare brand, LA-EVA. LA-EVA are a gold standard organic beauty brand.

Multiple Dates | What The Bloody Cycle?  

By Soil Association Certification Beauty & Wellbeing

It is amazing to us that taboo still surrounds periods, vaginas and all things related to our lady parts. But taboo it is! So we’re super excited to see that founders of organic tampon company OHNE will be at Organics Beauty & Wellbeing Week to teach us how to become experts of our own bodies. Our ‘down there’s should be celebrated and we’re happy to see OHNE have blumming brilliant ways of celebrating lined up! Ever dreamed of decorating your own bespoke vagina cupcake (no joke!)? Well your prayers have been answered friends.

Register for OHNEs workshop now to start celebrating the diversity of our bodies.

May 13 | Conscious Beauty: Why Beauty is More Than Just Skin Deep

 By Soil Association Certification Beauty & Wellbeing

This talk is right up our street, so if you’re a fan of Acala and what we do this is a must attend event. Find out how consumers are voicing their opinion to make change in the industry, and how brands are responding to better support both people and planet.

On the panel is:

Multiple Dates | Make Your Own Facial Oil With Naissance 

By Soil Association Certification Beauty & Wellbeing 

At Acala we’re all about reducing your consumption and impact and DIY skincare is a great way to do that! Naissance are back at the Organic Beauty and Wellbeing pop-up shop this year to run a drop-in serum bar where you can create your own custom facial serum or beard oil.  Made just for you using only the finest organic ingredients. Apparently, it’s as easy as ordering a coffee! What’s not to love!

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