Buying make up online can be tough. While things like eyeshadow and blush are easier to decide on the interwebs foundation is notoriously difficult. But it’s not impossible!

Keep reading for your guide to how to buy foundation online, pain free.


Identify Your Undertones

Knowing whether your skin is cool, warm, or neutral-toned is key to finding your perfect colour match. Not sure? The vein test is a nifty little trick:

  • A cool-toned person has a rosy tint to their skin, with blue-ish veins that you can see through the underside of the wrist or neck.
  • A warm-toned person has yellow or golden tones to their skin and greenish veins.
  • A neutral-toned person has a mix between the two and can pretty much wear any shade.


Many foundations on the market are labelled "neutral," "warm," or "cool," so once you've figured out your undertone it'll be a lot easier to pick the right colour for you from the comfort of your couch. All our foundations are labelled and available in testers to help you pick the one that’s right for you.


Do Your Research

Reading reviews on products in-store to understand how others with similar skin tones to you have got on with a shade is always a good idea.

Watching Youtube and IG video demos and tutorials on the foundation you’re interested in is always great to see the product in action on different skintones.

Head to our IG reels to see foundation and all product demos and tutorials from our makeup artist in residence Tahira Herold.

And if you’ve done your research and you’re still not sure- email us at with a picture of you makeup free in natural lighting and we’ll get back to you with our advise and product suggestions.


When In Doubt, Go Lighter

If you're stuck between two shades and can't figure out which one is the better match we always suggest going with the lighter option. You can always use a bronzer to deepen the shade. It's a lot easier to deepen a foundation that's a bit too light for you than it is to lighten a shade that's too dark.


You Can Always Mix Shades

Don't be afraid to mix it up. We love the powder foundations from All Earth Minerals and Love The Planet for this- they may not have the most extensive shade range but they’re available in ‘mixer pot’ sizes so that you can combine shades to find the one that’s perfect for you.

You can even play with finishes by adding moisturiser's or primers to your foundations to change their luminosity and wear time.

And remember, one shade isn't going to match you all year. Your skin tone often fluctuates depending on where you live and your exposure to sunlight. The foundation you buy may not be perfect now, but it may be in a couple of months.

Ready to get started? Shop all foundations now.

Still got some questions? Drop us an email at and we’ll either get back to you via email or suggest setting up a video call to provide

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