Now that summer has officially come to an end, you might start missing the natural sun-kissed glow you once had. Autumn comes with its own set of pros like the holidays and all the seasonal festivities, but nothing quite compares to the glow that the summertime brings to your skin.

The sun may be on its way out the door, but that just means it’s time to turn to our makeup to mimic that radiant summer sheen! We have three products that will take your glow to the next level: the Urb Apothecary Bronzing Serum, the Highlighting Serum, and the All Earths Mineral Illuminating Powder

What Are The Differences Between Powders & Serums?

If you didn’t already know, there are virtually no rules to makeup! It’s all about finding what works best for you, which means choosing the right products for your skin type. As a rule of thumb, serum-based products work best for dry to combination skin, and mineral powders are great for oily skin. 

However, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use a serum illuminator if you have oily skin or vice versa. A serum illuminator can add the perfect subtle glow to the high points of your face to compliment your already dewy skin! It’s all about preference and what kind of products make you feel your best.

That being said, let’s get into the differences between serums and powders so you can decide which products are best for you!

Illuminating Serums

The illuminating serums give the most luminous sheen to the skin because of the oil blend they’re made from.  Both the Highlighting Serum and Bronzing Serum are created using jojoba oil, rosehip seed, lavender oil, and safflower oil for a nourishing glow. 

As a zero-waste store, we also have to mention how it’s packaged and sourced! The serums come in 15ml glass vials that can easily be repurposed or recycled at the end of its life. It’s also worth noting that all Urb Apothecary products are sourced from the purest fair-trade, organic and local suppliers!

Illuminating Powders

The illuminating powder is the perfect product to add a subtle, youthful glow to the high points of your face. Its key ingredients are mica and iron oxides, which help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and add a bit of pigment. All Earth Mineral Cosmetics products always leave out harmful ingredients like talc and parabens, which are two culprits of skin irritation!

The Mineral Illuminator comes in a compostable card tube, making it a 100% zero-waste addition to your green beauty routine. It’s easy to move the powder from the tube and into a Bamboo Sifter Pot so that you can continue to refill your illuminator without anything going to waste!

How To Apply

Allow us to walk you through a quick little morning routine to look awake and refreshed, even if you only had a few hours of rest! The best part is, it’ll only take you around five minutes.

1. Always cleanse and moisturise your skin before applying makeup so that each product can blend seamlessly into the skin for a natural finish.

2. Start by applying your favourite foundation all over your face. If you’re going for an all-over luminous finish, sprinkle the Mineral Illuminator into your foundation!

3. Go in with your concealer to cover any dark areas, such as under-eye circles. Especially for those mornings after a sleepless night, concealer is your best friend!

4. After the base is finished, the skin may be looking a little flat. This is when it’s time to use the Bronzing Serum for areas that the sun would naturally hit. First, give it a good shake so the ingredients can mix thoroughly. Use your finger and apply the serum to the top of your forehead, cheekbones, and down your jawline.

* If you prefer powder formulas over serums, skip step #5 and go right to the Mineral Illuminator.

5. To enhance the bronzed skin, shake and then use your finger to apply the Highlighting Serum to the bridge of your nose, on your cheekbones, over the corner of your eyes, the brow bone, cupid’s bow, the centre of your forehead, and your collarbones. 

6. Finish the look off with the Mineral Illuminator to the same areas you’ve applied the Highlighting Serum. This step will intensify your glow and  will set the serums so they will last all day!

Just like that, you’ll have the most luminous, radiant, and natural glow, without having to sit through hours in the sun and risking sun damage! These makeup products are the perfect way to bring some life back into your complexion in five minutes or less.

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