While we can’t choose to opt-out of our periods (unfortunately), we do have the choice to opt-out of single-use pads and tampons. Don’t worry; this doesn’t mean going to extreme lengths of boycotting all products and suffering for an entire week! We have a range of low-waste products, so that you can find an option that suits you.


Menstrual Cups

If you love tampons because they’re almost undetectable, then a menstrual cup is your perfect alternative for a low-waste period! Made from soft, medical-grade silicone, you’ll forget that it’s even there.

A menstrual cup works in the same way as a tampon, just insert and move on with your day. The only difference is that you’ll eliminate at least 90 plastic-wrapped tampons from entering a landfill each year that you use a menstrual cup. 

Our menstrual cups are also a budget-friendly option since you’ll only spend a one-time fee. Depending on what kind of products you currently use, your period might be costing you anywhere from £7 to £20 per month. With a menstrual cup, for £12.99 you’re all set for at least ten years before you might consider investing in a new one!

There are a few concerns that deter women from using menstrual cups, and maybe they’re some of the same concerns that you have. That’s why we’re here; to ensure that you have all the information you need for a smooth transition. 

Will a Menstrual Cup Leak?

If you’re worried about leaks, it might ease your mind to know that menstrual cups are known to have better leak-protection than tampons or pads! The cup creates an airtight seal against the vagina walls so you can enjoy 12 leak-free hours before emptying!

Is It Difficult To Remove My Cup?

Don’t panic! If you’re worried about removing the cup, know that it’s impossible for it to get stuck or disappear inside your body! The cup might be challenging to remove the first few times only because the vagina muscles will tense up if you’re nervous. After you become more familiar with inserting and removing the cup, it’ll feel like second nature.

*TIP* A great tip from Ella Daish (given during her Acala takeover) is to practice using a new period product when you are at home, so that you can get used to it first!

Everyone has a different preference for their period products, and if an insertable product is not for you then read on to hear about two other options!

Reusable Pads

If you’re already used to pads, allow us to introduce you to your eco-friendly option, a reusable pad.

Most of us are so used to ones that we toss in the bin after one use, so anything reusable just seems strange. The scary truth is, each woman throws away 300 pounds of pads in a lifetime. 

Instead of opting for single-use pads, give reusable organic pads a shot! The only difference is that you’ll reduce your waste, save your money, and never have to make that last-minute run to the shop. 

Worried about how sanitary reusable pads are? We recommend stocking up on a few pads so that you can change them throughout the day as often as you need to. You can either soak them in cold water, which effectively removes the blood and then throw them in the wash or simply wash each pad by hand

*TIP* Another great tip from Ella. 'Don't be afraid to mix it up' for example, wear a reusable pad over some period pants so if you feel like refreshing in the day, you simply remove the reusable and use the pants for the rest of the day!

Worried of where to store your used pads if you are out and about? Get yourself a dedicated bag that holds your replacements and your used items.


Period Underwear

Yes, there’s even a third option for a low-waste period! We’re always trying to choose between pads or tampons, but what about eliminating both and letting your underwear do all the work?

Don’t worry; these aren’t anything like your typical thin underwear! These period undies are created using a built-in technology that absorbs and wicks away moisture while being fully leak-proof. 

It can be worn day or night for up to 12-hours before you’ll need to throw it in the wash to be reused again! Still nervous about leaks? These undies are made for even your heaviest days. The material is meant to hold four tampons worth of your flow! 


There really are no rules for a low-waste period routine. It’s important to find what reusable product works best for you, whether that’s a menstrual cup, cotton pad, or pair of undies, but don’t be afraid to mix up your products. Use a variation of two or all three depending on your flow that week. You might love your cup when you’re out and about, but then occasionally have those days when you don’t leave the house at all, which is a perfect time to use your period underwear. When you have a few of these options to choose from, your periods will become much more manageable, and certainly a lot less wasteful!

In addition to finding the right choice to help you go green on your period, the low-waste hack options also help cut your period’s carbon footprint in half, if not more! A recent study suggests that the footprint of just one women's one year’s worth of period products would amount to 5.3 kg of CO2 - for one women alone!

If you still need some more convincing, head to Acala’s Instagram to watch our highlight “eco periods” to learn even more and we encorage you to follow @Elladaish and join her fight to #endperiodplastic

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