This month’s beauty DIY is a pampering treat that is super easy to make. - Maximum effort to reward ratio!

Bath salts have experienced a resurgence in recent years, partly due to the beautiful fragrance they impart, but also because the salts themselves offer huge body benefits.

diy bath salts

Benefits of Bath Salts:

They’re amazing at hydrating (really):

Soaking in a warm salt solution once a week for 20 – 25 minutes has proven benefits in improving the skin barrier function and aiding hydrating

They reduce inflammation and pain:

Post workout, or if you’re suffering with injury, a soak with salts can soothe the soreness and reduces swelling and discomfort

bath salts

They support insomnia and ease RLS (restless leg syndrome):

The magnesium naturally found in bath salts is a wonder for helping those with stress related insomnia and restless leg syndrome relax and get some rest.

They improve sports performance

By aiding rapid recovery and rest, sports performance is rapidly improved when regularly using bath salts as part of your training process

They’re sustainable

All our salts are sustainably sourced, plastic free and far more environmentally friendly then sulphate stuffed bubble baths.


50g epsom salts - to flush toxins and ease inflammation

2g lavender flowers - to sooth and calm

2g calendula flowers – soothes eczema and heals wounds.

2g chamomile flowers- soothingfor both mind and body

5-7 drops of lavender essential oil.

1 muslin bag

Ingredients to make one baths worth

of salts.




Add 50g of epsom salts to a bowl.

Add 2g of each dried flower to the same bowl and mix.

Pour the mixture into your muslin bag and tie shut.

Run your bath, when it reaches the right temperature add 5-7 drops of lavender

essential oil, drop in the muslin bag and prepare to relax.

Bring the sanctity, tranquility and relaxation of a spa atmosphere and experience to your

home with a relaxing epsom salt bath.

Happy relaxing!

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