The global beauty industry produces 120 billion units of packaging each year, most of which is not recycled or even recyclable. Also, around 75% of post-consumer plastic waste is sent to landfill. We're all on board for Plastic Free July but have you looked in your bathroom, gym or make up bag recently? 

Happily, the beauty industry is realising the devastating effects of single-use plastic – and there are more and more brands available to us offering plastic free beauty options. This is no surprise keeping in mind the growing awareness around the impact plastic has on our health, environment and the need for plastic free beauty alternatives. Scroll down to see the plastic free make-up and beauty brands that are getting a big green thumbs-up from us!


Let's start with our underarms. And we'd suggest you look no further than Kutis. Their range of different scented deodorants are made in Wales using only natural ingredients.

Kutis is latin for the 'true skin'. And Kate, Kutis founder, is 100% committed to pure and transparent skincare.

Kutis products are plastic free, and their packaging is sourced from the UK.

A beautiful natural, and award-winning range, which also includes bicarb (sodium bicarbonate) free options - not that common in solid deodorants.

Shop Kutis products here.   



Plastic free sun cream, moisturiser and lip balm? No problem. Scence's range is paper-based, completely plastic-free, fully compostable and recyclable.

Scence Skincare lab is beside the sea in Falmouth, Cornwall.

Krista and Mel have been researching, formulating and perfecting the Scence range for several years, creating an artisan range of nourishing balms for the face and body.

Shop Scence products here.   



We couldn't resist a plug for the products we're so fond of creating for you from our workshop (powered by renewable energy) in rural Suffolk.

Acala's range now includes facial oils, body butter and bronzer, palm-free soaps, award-winning shampoo bars and more.

We aim for all our packaging to be plastic free, we only use natural-origin vegan ingredients and we of course are 100% cruelty-free.   

Shop the Acala range here.



All Earth Minerals

All Earth Mineral Cosmetics

Founded in Cornwall by professional make-up artist Julie Wieczorek and natural skincare creator Guy Hanson, All Earth (previously Angel Face) is a unique and durable pure mineral range of plastic free products. It’s also cruelty free, vegan friendly and is suitable for the most sensitive of skin. Fear no more - they use only high grade, non carcinogenic, pure minerals so your problematic skin won’t have to suffer anymore!

With six shades of foundation to choose from in the mineral range, it’s a clean, pared down look at plastic free makeup. All Earth’s products and brushes are cruelty free, palm oil free and vegan so you can not only feel pretty but also guilt free. Oh, and they also offer 100% biodegradable, sustainable and recyclable refills for their beautiful bamboo pots.

We feel this plastic free beauty brand is ideal for those of you who are overwhelmed in the beauty market and want something quick, easy (and eco!) to use. 

Shop All Earth Mineral Cosmetics here



Love the Planet 

Love The Planet

Finalists of the British Female Inventor of the Year Awards in London in 2002 with their Washable Cleansing Pads idea, this mineral plastic free makeup collection includes a range of beautiful plastic free products. It’s also parabens and palm oil free and has never been tested on animals. Love the Planet are proud that their products are all vegan and completely cruelty free.

More good news? Their orders are sent out to you in compostable paper envelopes with products ready to be decanted into your existing containers. Their minimal packaging is a wonderful solution for anyone looking to create a zero waste beauty routine.

Shop Love the Planet here.



So we're cheating slightly, as they're from across the water in France, but our friends at Zao deserve a mention for their incredible low waste makeup range.  

Inspired by a natural gift received from a Taiwanese friend (a pen and pencil made in bamboo material), Zao founder David was inspired to use Bamboo for organic plastic free make-up. They offer a range of plastic free products such as refillable bronzer and concealer. Products like their mascara, although not 100% plastic free offer a 90% reduction in plastic free and a refill option. Zao Makeup offers 100% natural and certified organic makeup.

This plastic free beauty brand has developed 100% natural formulas enriched with active organic ingredients to enhance your skin's natural beauty. The powders, leaves and oils extracted from the bamboo plant, are used in all of their plastic free products for beauty and health qualities. Certified organic by Ecocert, Zao is free from petrochemical derivatives or synthetic preservatives including parabens, instead using micronised silver as a preservative. 

Looking beautiful should not compromise your health, the health of animals, or the health of the planet. Since your skin absorbs up to 60% of what you put on it, make sure you treat it right!

Shop Zao products here.


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