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Our bodies are built and powered by what we eat and drink. Food is the source of all our energy as human beings so the nutrients that we choose to put in are what determine the components and biological activity of our bodies. 

Nutrition can change our lives. Today we’re talking to the founder of Food-Grown supplement brand Henrietta Norton. Henrietta’s journey with nutrition started when she began suffering with chronic Endometriosis during her twenties. After failing to get any real advice and help through traditional medical channels she went to see a nutritional therapist who specialised in female health.  The therapist helped her to adapt her diet to her endometriosis and today, after being told she wouldn’t be able to have children she is now a mother of three. 

For the last fifteen years Henrietta has been using her knowledge of nutrition to help other women manage issues relating to human health. A career and wealth of knowledge that led her to start Wild Nutrition.

Here we talk to Henrietta to find out more about Wild Nutrition and how we can all use Food Grown technology to boost our health.

Henrietta Norton Founder of Wild Nutrition

Image credit: Wild Nutrition

Tell us a bit about you. What motivated you to start Wild Nutrition?
I had been working as Head of Nutrition at a large supplement company alongside my clinic work for 7 years. Sadly, I became increasingly disillusioned with the industry. The market is dominated by products made from cheap synthetic chemicals (even the more expensive brands are still using these lower grade materials) that the body doesn’t naturally recognise. Often these are delivered in high doses, much of which is not metabolised, and filled with additives. 

To me, this makes the product a commodity rather than having been made with the intention to heal. I felt so passionately about finding another way that I spent 3 years researching a method to produce nutrients in a food form the body can use. I found it and created Wild Nutrition with my husband in 2013.

I am so encouraged to see that there is a strong movement towards this and increasing awareness of the seismic difference that Food-Grown® nutrients can have on nourishing our health. I still work in the clinic because although formulating products is a fine art and requires expertise, I feel it is also important to look beyond the research papers and have first-hand experience with real people and real health issues – we don’t all fit into the ‘norm’. This aspect greatly influences my formulations. 

What are your plans for Wild Nutrition? Where do you want the brand to go?
We are at a very exciting stage with Wild Nutrition. Charlie (my husband and co-founder) and I began this journey over 7 years ago and it really is inspiring to see it grow with such strength and grace. The future for us is to facilitate the continuation of this growth and to deepen our commitment to environmental sustainability through product development, packaging and education. In the next few months we’ll be launching refills of our best selling products.

multi strain biotic from Wild Nutrition

Image credit: Wild Nutrition

How do you plan to remain environmentally conscious as you grow?
It’s a fundamental part of who we are and we are currently going through the process of getting B Corp Certification. Sustainability applies to all areas of our life - sustainable ways of eating and living are vital for the health of our planet and our internal environment too. The work of Satish Kumar Soil Soul and Society was a very inspiring read for me. 


What are your top tips for living a more sustainable/conscious lifestyle?
Grow as much as you can yourself; if you buy anything in plastic, re use it (it’s the one-time use plastic that causes the planet the most harm); If you have a garden, plant trees and plants and a small area of water to invite wildlife and support the ecosystem to flourish.

skin hair and nails supplement from wild nutrition

Image credit: Wild Nutrition

If you could say anything to the CEO's of all big health and wellbeing brands what would it be?
That wellbeing starts from within - it starts with a wholehearted, authentic mission statement to support the health of our consumers but also a deep responsibility to support the health of the planet through responsible packaging and education. Use your power of influence for good, not just for profit.

Thank you so much for taking the time to speak to us Henrietta, it’s wonderful to find out more about you and the Wild Nutrition Journey. You can now get all your Wild Nutrition Supplements direct to your door, with 5% off, on our subscription service. Shop here.  

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