Love The Planet (LTP) is an award winning brand bringing you a beautiful collection of plastic free makeup. What started as a kitchen based project for Laura Nicholson, born back in 2002, quickly grew into a successful business that is leading the way in natural makeup, free from palm oil and parabens, and NEVER tested on animals packaged in innovative compostable packaging. 

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We spoke to Laura to find out more about her plans for LTP as well get her thoughts on how the beauty industry can tackle plastic waste.

Tell us a bit about you and why you started LTP

I live in the north east of Scotland with my husband David and two small daughters. I started Love The Planet back in 2002. I came up with the idea of washable cleansing pads when I realised just how much cotton wool I was using to take off my make up. My business advisor at the Small Business Gateway entered my idea into the British Female Inventor of the Year Awards in 2002 and to my delight it reached the finals. Then followed a trip to London and a brief appearance on the telly. Fame!

I then started to sell the pads on my online shop along with cruelty free cosmetic products that I made in a wooden cabin at the bottom of my garden. Once my daughters were born, life was a bit more of a juggling act so I stopped making the shampoos etc. I’ve always had a great love of mineral make up since struggling with problematic skin. Minerals are great for keeping acne at bay. Providing make up at a reasonable price without the plastic packaging seemed like a logical step. It’s quite a different concept selling make up without the glamorous packaging and in a compostable wrapper instead but given the climate crisis we are facing, I’m glad to say that people are embracing it.

Love The Planet


Why is plastic free and zero waste packaging so important to LTP?

I understood that it was the actual product and the way it made a person look and feel that was important, not the packaging that it came in. Most plastic make up packaging isn’t recyclable and I didn’t want to be contributing to that problem. So why not just supply the basic product and leave it to the customer to do the rest. I’ve had customers tell me about all sorts of beautiful containers that they store their minerals in, from recycled tin boxes to vintage glass containers. They’ve really embraced the concept and made the product their own.


Is the Beauty Industry doing enough to tackle plastic waste and who is leading the charge?

I don’t think there is enough being done in the beauty industry unfortunately. There are some companies that are taking steps to make a change but it’s really the market leaders that need to step up to make a considerable impact. Maybe they’ll take note once they see that there is public demand.


Love The Planet Mineral powders

How can people make changes in their everyday beauty routine to reduce their waste?

It’s the little changes that all add up. I’d start by saying use up what you already have. When it comes to buying replacements there are so many options now. Washable make up pads to remove make up or even a flannel. Bamboo tooth brushes instead of plastic, tooth paste in a glass jar rather than a plastic tube. Shampoo, conditioner and soap bars instead of bottled products. These last for ages too. Sweet almond or olive oil is great for removing make up. I also use a little around my eyes at night instead of eye cream and also on my hair to tame frizzies.

Thanks so much for chatting with us Laura! We love your brand and everything you're trying to achieve. 

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